Pogba vs Wijnaldum Which Showdown SBC to do in FIFA 22 ?

This guide will help you decide on which Showdown SBC to do between Paul Pogba from Juventus or Piemonte Calcio in FUT 22 and Georginio Wijnaldum from Roma FC.

Pogba vs Wijnaldum Which Showdown SBC to do in FIFA 22?

Showdown SBCs are back and this time it would be for Juventus ( Piemonte Calcio ) vs Roma FC in the Serie A. For the ones who still do not know how the Showdowns work, let me explain it to you.

There will be a player selected by EA from either team who are supposed to face off against each other in a few days’ time. The player from the winning team will be getting a +2 upgrade while a draw will be giving them both a +1.

We have Pogba and Wijnaldum for this showdown and both of them look great on paper. Both of them have a 5-star combo and statistically, Wijnaldum looks better as a CM. But there is a lot more than just stats in FIFA so we are here to understand which will be the SBC that you should complete if you are going for one.

Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) vs Roma FC :

Well, a lot of you would be doing the SBC based on whom you feel will win the game. A +2 on any of these cards would make them a 98 overall with amazing stats. Let us check out the statistics and try to understand the possibilities of either team winning.

If you check the Head to Head stats for these two teams, Juventus clearly comes out as the winner. They have won the last 3 games back to back and have a total of 6 wins out of their last 10 games. Roma has only 2 wins and 2 of the matches ended in a draw.

If you are focusing on teams then Juventus is clearly the better team and has more chances of winning. However, this is football and we have seen match results going the wrong way. If you ask me Juventus should clearly emerge victorious.

Pogba vs Wijnaldum :

If you consider both of them as a card, then I must say Pogba should be a better box-to-box CM than Wijnaldum. Pogba is French and we all know how amazing the French links are in this game. Wijnaldum is Dutch and we do not really have good Dutch links.

Wijnaldum has a high/ high work rate which would make him better than Pogba’s high/ med. But the reason why Pogba would be better as a CM is for his physical presence. Even though the physical stats are more or less the same for both Pogba is taller with better reach and would also be stronger than Wijnaldum.

So if you are any one out of two I should say Pogba should be your pick. Even without the upgrade, his card would be solid in-game.

I hope now it should be easier to decide which SBC to go for.

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