Pokemon Unite Switch – Game is Crashing and Freezing | How to Fix this Crash

Wondering why Pokémon Unite would always keeps crashing on your Nintendo Switch? We have just the right solution for you. Let’s find out :

Pokemon Unite Switch – Game is Crashing and Freezing | How to Fix this Crash

Pokemon Unite is finally out for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first MOBA- style Pokemon game where players could battle against each other. It is a little bit like the League of Legends though.

Not many users have reported the game crashing now and then. If in case you are actually facing this problem then there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Restart the Switch :

Possibly the most common fix for any gaming device. Rebooting the Nintendo Switch could actually help you fix any such problems. But make sure you have it off for like 5 minutes.

Clear Cached Data :

Cached Data could very well be responsible for poor performance which includes the game crashing quite frequently. Here is how you remove all the cached data from your Nintendo Switch

  • Just click on System Settings 
  • Scroll down and click on System
  • On the right side move down a bit to find Formatting Options. Select that.
  • Click on Reset Cache followed by the profile and then select Reset
  • Reboot the device after this. The cached data will now be cleared completely.

And also do not worry about losing any information. Your storage will remain safe.

Removing Corrupted Data  :

There could be chances that corrupted data could be the reason for the crashes. It is absolutely necessary to remove any such data in your system.

  • Click on System Settings
  • Move down and select Data Management
  • Go right and click on Manage Software
  • Select Pokémon Unite
  • Then we click on Check for Corrupt Data
  • The scan will let you know if any files need to b redownloaded.

Swapping the Storage Device:

One of the most common problems with the Switch is that a lot of games would keep crashing until the storage was changed. Basically shifting the game to another storage would prevent it from crashing. This is how you switch storage devices.

  • Let’s say the game is stored in the Internal Storage. Then select  System Settings 
  • Look for Data Management
  • On the right click on Manage Software
  • Select Pokémon Unite and hit Archive Software
  • You will now see the game with a small cloud icon on the top. Select that and then it will be downloaded to the Micro SD (If you have one)
  • To transfer the game over to internal storage from Micro SD just delete the game and reinstall it.

There you go, simple steps on how you can easily fix any crash-related or freeze-related issues with Pokémon Unite. If you feel this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section down below.

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