Project Cars 3 – Racing Wheel / Steering Wheel Not Working

It is always more exciting to enjoy a racing game in the way its meant to be played. A racing wheel is all you need for that. Many users have complained about Racing wheels not working for Project Cars 3 . Lets see how we can get it fixed


Project Cars 3 – Racing Wheel / Steering Wheel Not Working

In order to get the racing wheel working just follow these simple steps :

  • Open Steam and Go to Library
  • Select Project Cars 3 from the list
  • Right click on Project Cars 3 and then select Properties
  • There will be an option called – Steam Input Per-Game Setting (Requires Restart of a game)
  • On the right side of that option there will be a drop down arrow
  • By default you will have Use Your Global Steam Input Settings (None)
  • Click on the drop down arrow and select Forced Off
  • This will fix the issue and the wheel will start working again.

Remember that this option resets itself to default every time steam updates . So make sure to change it after an update.

You are Good to go !

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