Raft – How to Get Hinge

This guide will help you find and craft Hinges in Raft. 

Raft – How to Get Hinge

Raft is a survival game where you are left out on the open seas with nothing but a hook and a raft. the concept is pretty different from the survival games we are used to.

It is an oceanic adventure where you along with your friends have to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea. You have to collect whatever resources you could find around you and build yourself a floating home.

There are plenty of resources to collect in Raft. Hinge is one of the crucial ones. It is required to build important items like the Storage, the Shear, and also a Stationary Anchor for your raft.

Where to Find Hinge?

The easiest way to find Hinges would be from Loot boxes which are scattered all over different islands in the game. you may even find loot boxes on vacated rafts. However, these normally start to sink once you step on them so you need to be quick in looting. The loot boxes in vacated rafts give you the best chance to get a hinge.

How to Craft Hinges?

In order to craft a hinge you would need Metal Ingots. You need to unlock it on your research table and after that, you will be able to learn how to build Hinge. You would have to mine Metal Ores which you will be able to find on the island walls underneath the water. After that, you would have to put them in a Smelter to make Metal Ingots.

To craft a Hinge you would need :

  • 1 Metal Ingot

Yes, that is all you need to craft one. However, the process of getting Metal Ingot could be a bit tedious due to all the mining that you have to do.

That is all for crafting Hinges in Raft. I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on Raft.

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