Remnant From The Ashes – How to upgrade weapons and armor

Here to know about upgrading your weapons and armor in the latest release from Perfect World Entertainment, Remnant From The Ashes. Don’t worry we got you. Upgrading your gear is very important in Remnant From The Ashes as it is tied to your survivability in the game. Here is how to do it.

Remnant From The Ashes – How to upgrade weapons and armor

The whole process is pretty simple and straightforward. And you can figure it out yourself if you pay close attention. Start by talking or interacting with Rigs who is obviously an NPC you will find in-game. After interacting just say that you wish to see his wares and you will instantly land on the screen where you manage all your weapon and armor upgrades.

But you don’t get to upgrade your weapons and armor for free. You need resources and Scrap for that so make sure that you have enough. Click on the weapon or armor piece you want to upgrade and the resources required will show up on the bottom right of your screen. If you have enough then go ahead and upgrade. If you don’t then back to grinding.

Now let me make this clear, each time you upgrade your weapon or armor the cost of the next upgrade for that particular gear will go up significantly and will become harder to obtain. But no need to worry as it is not that hard to farm for resources or Scrap in the game. In the current state, they are pretty easily available as long as you are not rushing the game. So go ahead and upgrade them all.

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