Resident Evil 8 Village – First Shotgun Location Level 1 Guide | How to Find M1897

Resident Evil games had always been about surviving through the most difficult of scenarios. Resident Evil 8 Village is no different. The shotgun had always been one of the most powerful guns in the franchise. Wondering where to find your first shotgun? We have just the right guide for you.

Resident Evil 8 Village – First Shotgun Location Level 1 Guide | How to Find M1897

You need to get that shotgun as quickly as possible just to make things easier for you. And this is where you can find it :

Let’s use a checkpoint so that it is easier for you know understand. We start off after taking down the first zombie. We use the Bolt Cutter to cut open the lock on the red gate. From there just go straight to find a door half open.

Enter through the door and you will find a radio playing. It will stop the moment you examine it. this is where you get your first ammo. Barricade the door. Then you go to the top and get another set of handgun ammo. You will see a zombie try to enter through the window.

When you come down you will literally be stuck with zombies all around you and one inside with you. Take down the zombie inside. Now remove the barricade and go out and left left

Go straight from here and head right. Just follow that track on the ground until you reach a breakable crate

Break the crate and take the herb. Then turn right and go up the stairs onto the balcony of the house. Keep moving until you find a door on your left. Enter through that door. You will hear the zombies coming closer and you will see the Run command on the screen.

This is where you find your first Shotgun, the M1897. Unfortunately, you will have just 2 bullets to start with. You have to use it wisely. You will get a few packs of handgun ammo immediately after this though.

There you go, the easiest way to get your first shotgun. Hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts. Enjoy the game.

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