Resident Evil 8 Village PS4 – Game Crashing with Error Code CE-34878-0 | How to Fix Crash

Finally, the Resident Evil game we had all been waiting for. The visually stunning Resident Evil 8 Village feels spookier than ever. Unfortunately for some users the game on the PlayStation 4 keeps crashing continuously. Let’s find out how this can be easily solved.

Resident Evil 8 Village PS4 – Game Crashing with Error Code CE-34878-0 | How to Fix Crash

The game would often freeze and then crash leaving you an error code like CE-34878-0 and e434de73. I know all about the excitement of this game and I know exactly how it feels when it would just crash randomly.

Sometimes even on startup. Some users also complained about the game crashing at a particular point. So who is at fault? Is it something to do with your console, or the installation or is it a game problem? We do not know that as of now, so our best bet is to make sure we try to make sure that we have eliminated all the factors which could make the game crash from our end.

With that being said let’s quickly hop into the simple steps you need to follow in order to fix any performance issues with this game on your PlayStation 4 .

Individual Save Data Files :

Every game on the console would have a locally saved data file. There could be a possibility that during saving this file might have got corrupted. Therefore the next time you launch the game and as soon as this saved data is processed that game would just crash leaving you an error code. So it is best to delete all local save data for Resident Evil Village. We would lose our progress but it’s always better than interrupting gameplay.

  • Just go to Settings on the console menu
  • Then look for  Storage
  • You will get a list. Select Saved Data 
  • Select the game. Over here we select Resident Evil Village and press the Options button on the controller
  • On the right, you shall find a delete button. Click on it
  • Now select all the saved data files you have. Since you do not know which one is corrupted. Then hit Delete again.

All the local saves will now be removed from your storage. The game would create a new save file now. Most of the time this will fix the issue for you.

Defragging your Storage Device :

Data on your console is stored in a specific and well-arranged way so that whenever you try to run an app the correct data is processed so that you can run the app smoothly. If in case the correct data is not processed then the app would not perform well or it might just crash. This is the concept of “Defrag”. You might have heard the term “Defrag your computer”. It basically means rearranging the data in your storage device so that the right data is pulled up in a short time making your computer work faster and smoother.

The same goes for your console. The PlayStation is very prone to Database Errors. Since we cannot pinpoint the exact location or cause of the error, the only way to fix these database problems is to Rebuild the Database on your system. This is how it is done :

  • I need you to completely turn off your console. Even take out the power plug. There should be any lights on the console.
  • Now keep it this way for like 4 to 5 minutes. This clears out the Cached Data
  • Now plug back the chord. Press the power button. When you do that you will hear a beep. But do not let it go. Press and hold for like 9 seconds. This is when you hear the second beep. You can let go once you hear the second one. Your console will now boot up in Safe Mode.
  • Plug in the controller to the USB port and press the PS button
  • You will get a list of options on the screen. Select Rebuild Database
  • The time taken will depend on the amount of data stored.

Face Recognition Feature is a Glitch :

I am not saying that the Face Recognition Feature of the PlayStation 4 does not work at all. It is just that it interferes with your apps. It had been proven in the past that this feature made the games crash with an error code of CE-34878-0 or e434de73. We recommend you have it turned off. This is how you do it :

  • Go to Settings on your Console Menu
  • Look for Login Settings and click on it
  • Uncheck the box next to Enable Face Recognition
  • Restart your PlayStation 4.

There you go, simple steps which could make a huge difference. These are basically the main reasons why Resident Evil Village could crash on the console. If these don’t help then you can try Reinstalling the game once. Sometimes a fresh installation is all you need. Could be possible that during the previous installation some files might have got corrupted. A fresh download could do the trick.

I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts regarding the issue. Have a nice day.

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