Resident Evil 8 Village – Shotgun Ammo Location Level 1 | How to find

Finding ammo is perhaps the hardest grind in a Resident Evil game. This time it seems like the zombies just don’t die. they literally eat up all your ammo.

Shotguns can literally one-shot zombies and since you get a shotgun so early in the game, they give you only 2 shots to go with it. So how do we get more shotgun ammo? Let’s find out.

Resident Evil 8 Village – Shotgun Ammo Location Level 1 | How to find

Just after yo find your first shotgun, you get attacked and chased by a million zombies. The game wants to make sure you use up all your ammo so that life becomes difficult for you. All you need to do is to run initially. Go down the stairs of the house where you get the M1897. Now just head right and keep running until you reach a dead end.

Eventually, you will get trapped and the zombies will find you and take you down. That is just fine. Do not waste your ammo. The aim is to get taken down. The moment the zombies are all over you, literally trying to eat you up,  you will see a long cutscene where they spare your life and just go away.

You get up and see the old witch lady walking through the gate. It is pretty obvious that this is where you should head next. But wait, do not go there yet. this is where you will actually get shotgun ammo. Instead of following the lady you head to the opposite direction and keep moving until you reach an area where a flight of stairs will lead you next to a closed room.

Go up the stairs and then through the window you will be able to see the shotgun ammo.

All you need to do now is to find a way into this room. So just head left from this window and you will be able to see another open window.

Jump in through this broken window and collect your shotgun ammo.

There you go, as easy as it gets. The game will actually make it challenging for you to find ammo. All you need to do is to look around. Just in case of this one, where anyone else would just follow the lady. But instead, we went the other way and got ourselves a little reward.

Hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts as well. Enjoy the game

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