Resident Evil Village – How to Defeat Lady Dimitrescu ( Mistress of the Castle ) | Boss Guide

Finding it difficult to deal with the Mistress of the castle Lady Dimitrescu? Well, we will tell you the easiest way to beat her. Let’s find out.

Resident Evil Village – How to Defeat Lady Dimitrescu ( Mistress of the Castle ) | Boss Guide

There had always been a trick to boss fights in Resident Evil games. Bosses are way more powerful than you and defeating them by just shooting won’t actually work. Therefore, if you figure out the trick to win the fight, boss fights become easier than snatching chocolate from a baby.

How to Defeat Lady Dimitrescu?

This 9 and a half feet woman is not easy to defeat.  But with the right strategy, you can easily take her down. She might look pretty but trust me she is a monster. Well, you need to complete the four masks puzzle in the castle to get the poison dagger. When you face the Mistress you see a cutscene where you stab her with this dagger. This makes her change into a monster. Basically a monster on top of another monster that can fly. They take you to a new location.

So what you have to do now is to shoot the Mistress who is actually on top of the monster which can fly. Use your shotgun to deal the most damage. You have to dodge her attacks. Even though she is very slow but she hits you like a truck so be careful. You can go to the top where you can break the jars to find ammo. Then try to outsmart her by sneaking behind her.

When you shoot her enough to make her a little weak she will fly into the air. This is when you would have to take out your handgun or a ranged gun and shoot her body while she is in the air. Keep repeating this process. You can also go further up and find crates or jars with ammo in them.

You can also craft ammo during the fight if you have enough resources. Eventually, there will be a time when she will fall down and crumble into ashes like her daughters. You can then collect the Crystal Dimitrescu.

That is it, perhaps the easiest way to beat her. I hope this guide was useful. Please let us know and also share your thoughts. Enjoy the game.

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