Resident Evil Village – How to Easily Defeat Bela, Cassandra and Daniela | Boss Guide

Wondering how to take down Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters – Bela , Cassandra and Daniela ? We have just the right tactics for you. Lets find out.

Resident Evil Village – How to Easily Defeat Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela | Boss Guide

Boss fights in Resident Evil games are always difficult. More than being difficult it is kind of a brain teaser. You will hardly find a shoot-to-kill boss. There would be something or the other that you need to figure out during the fight in order to make the bosses weaker. Come on, let’s be honest the bosses will be way stronger than you. You would have to outsmart them since you cannot overpower them.

One thing you have to keep in mind while fighting Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters – Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela is that they are weak to cold air. So you have to find a way to expose them to cold air every time.

How to defeat Bella?

When you go one on one with Bella you will realize that when the first window breaks and that now she is exposed to cold air, she gradually becomes weaker. What you need to do is to shoot open the second window as well. This will fill the entire room with the cold breeze from outside. Now there would not be any area in the room where she should be safe. Just keep shooting her until she crumbles into ashes. Collect the crystal torso

How to defeat Daniela?

When you face Daniela, you will be in a room with a lot of poles. There will be a lever on one of these poles. Pull that lever to open the roof. This will let the cold breeze blow into the room making Daniela weak. just chase her and make sure she is near the center of the room. Keep shooting her and she will eventually crumble into ashes as well. Collect the crystal torso after that.

How to defeat Cassandra?

You will get a pipe bomb just before you face Cassandra. Just before the fight, you would have to move the bookshelf to expose a crack in the wall. Cassandra will try to attack you. Just use your pipe bomb to blast open the crack. This will break the wall and the cold breeze will start blowing in. Cassandra, once exposed to this cold win will become weaker. Keep shooting her until she crumbles into ashes exactly like her sisters. You can then collect the crystal torso.

There you go, as easy as it gets. All you have to know is to know the trick. I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts. Enjoy the game.

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