Risk of Rain 2 – How to loop stages after 1.0 update

After the 1.0 update, the game is set by default to get to the final stage, which ends the game.
But you can still loop the stages and get your 20+ levels runs, with a simple method. Here’s how:
Stage 5 – Change the teleporter destination

First of all, you need to reach stage 5.

Once you spawn in the map, you get this message…

…which means that if you activate the teleporter, you go into the final stage.

Before activating it, you have to interact with the SIDE of the teleporter and press E which changes the destination of the teleporter.

Once you interact with it, the teleporter changes form and becomes like this…

…and you get this message, which means that you will get teleported to the 1st stage and you can loop.

Note: Change the destination FIRST, then charge the teleporter!

Other methods

There are alternative methods for looping:

  • Enter the Artifacts portal beneath the map
  • Enter the blue portal (Shop)
  • Enter the gold portal (Aurelionite)

Credits : Stefanonimo

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