Rocket Arena PC – Which Character is Best for Beginners?

Rocket Arena is out for all major platforms . As the name suggests this game is a 3 v 3 shooter which will always keep you engaged in combat in an arena . This game is  intense and it gives the player a lot of options to create his own strategies.

There are 11 characters in the game , each with unique abilities which may take time to master. However If you are a beginner you would want to select a character who is easy to use and strong at the same time .


Rocket Arena PC – Which Character is best for beginners ?

Different players have different play style . Some players have a defensive mentality and some have more of an offensive one. While some like to stay on the grey side . Considering these play styles we have chosen 3 characters which you can start with .

Cyber Sailor Blastbeard (Defensive):

This guy is a pirate and he is really strong defensively. This character will save you innumerous times. Lets check out his abilities.

  • Rocket Cannonball : Basically a cannon ball which has a trajectory. A difficult to know how to aim since you also have to keep in mind that the rocket will be arcing . However has decent damage but not that useful.
  • Charged Anchor : This is his go-to offensive move. You can charge the rocket and it can actually finish off enemies with medium health or lower.
  • Shockwave : Now this is what you will be using a loads of times. This actually knocks back your opponent and also destroys incoming rockets . Perhaps the best defensive move in the game . You can use this move to save yourself , your team or even to catch a breather

Topnotch (Offensive) :

This dude is old but don’t you dare go by the age because he can kill you before you can say Rocket Arena . Perhaps the strongest offensive character in the game . A good choice for beginner who just wants to go all out attack. Lets check out his abilities.

  • Bouncing Beauty : Just a bouncing grenade which you can hold to delay the detonation . Pretty useful because of the delay . You can decide exactly when you need to detonate . However the window is not that long so you have to think quick.
  • Zephyr Strike : This is where it gets interesting. This dude can literally lock onto you . If you think aiming is tough in this game then this dude is your guy. You can send this giant homing missile at your enemies which does decent damage.
  • Artillery Salute : Offense does not get better than this . Imagine hitting your enemies for a series of high damage rockets , that is how good this ability is .

Frost Princess Kayi (All Rounded) :


She is a princess and she is cute . But you should definitely not fall for her cuteness since she could as deadly as it gets. She is a well designed balanced character with good offensive and defensive abilities. Lets check them out .

  • Charged Bolt : Very accurate projectile . The longer you charge the faster and further it goes . However you can also spam the move without charging it at all which actually makes it a pretty good attacking ability.
  • Snow Globe : This will be her go-to move. The globe slows down incoming rockets giving you more time to react and dodge. It also increases the speed and damage of your Charged Bolt attack . Imagine staying in the globe and dodging all the slowed down rockets and hitting back harder at the enemies. Amazing ability to be honest.
  • Grapple Hook : Another ability to help you escape tricky situations by grappling onto to surfaces or if you actually aim at the enemies it does damage to them too.

So these are the characters which you can begin with depending on you play style . However if you are new and having difficulties figuring out your play style , you can start off with Kayi . She is well balanced , giving you both offensive and defensive capabilities . Moreover she is pretty easy and fun to use. Enjoy the game and knock them all out.

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