Saint Row 2022 – How to Add Nitrous and Customize Your Car

This guide will  help you understand how to customize and upgrade your vehicle in Saints Row 2022.

Saint Row 2022 – How to Add Nitrous and Customize Your Car

Saints Row is finally out on all platforms and the game reminds me of the old days when I spent hours playing Saints Row The Third. The franchise had always been one of my favorites and so far I am like the new release.

When it comes to customizations Saints Row had always been right up there with one of the best customizations. Ranging from common to absolutely unique you would get it all in this game.

According to the devs, this would be the best Saints Row game till now and I am currently liking it a lot. However, we are here to learn how to get upgrades to your car so let’s get down to it.

When do you Unlock Vehicle Customization?

So a lot of the users might be wondering when exactly you get to customize your cars. Well, you have to keep playing for an hour or maybe an hour and a half at max until you get to the mission “A Piece of the Action”.

Once you complete the mission you will be getting a few rewards. Out of these, there would be one that says “Jim Robs”. You will also unlock the Cash Transfer app as well. And lastly, you will unlock “Vehicle Customization” which is what we are here for.

How to Upgrade and Add Nitrous to your Card in Saints Row 2022?

Once you have the Vehicle Customization and Jim Robs unlocked you could go ahead and either customize the card in your own garage or you can drive into Jim Robs where you can see what cards you own and customize them over there.

Once you are in the garage you have to choose the vehicle you want to customize. Select the Customize option instead of Drive Now.

You have so many options available for customization – Paint, Body Mods, Tires, Audio (basically the engine audio), and Equipment.

Select Equipment from the options.

You can choose Nitrous from the options that you get under Equipment.

You can also equip a Towing Cable and an Off-Road Kit as well. Remember that Customization requires a lot of money so make sure you have enough of it before you start playing around with customizations.

You can also do performance upgrades that improve the speed, handling, and durability of the vehicle.

So go ahead and play around with customizations to suit your in-game personality. You can get the sleek expensive sports car look or you can get the goofiest customizations possible just to make things funny.

I hope the article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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