Saints Row – How to Unlock Everything Is A Million Dollars Store

This guide will help you unlock the Everything Is a Million Dollars store in Saints Row 2022.

Saints Row – How to Unlock Everything Is A Million Dollars Store

Saints Row 2022 is a huge improvement over its last game. The content is good, the gameplay is good if you could ignore the rare glitches and the map is huge. I did expect the game to be a little bit more appealing visually but at the end of the day, the amount of things I get to do in the game really takes my focus away from that aspect.

Till now I am enjoying the game. The Saints Row franchise had always been one of my favorites. They know how to strike the perfect balance. The highly intense missions coupled with comical elements really make this game unique on its own.

How to Unlock the ” Everything is a Million Dollars” store in Saints Row 2022?

Stores are literally spread throughout the map in Saints Row 2022. They are really helpful when you need to get upgrades, weapons, clothing, etc. However, there is this particular store that is more likely to catch your attention than the other ones.

There is this Store with a weird name “Everything is a Million Dollars” and when you reach it, you find that it says “coming soon” and you are unable to interreact with anything in the store.

Well, in simple words the store is locked and you have to unlock it first to know what cool stuff that you can get here.

To unlock the “Everything is a Million Dollars” store you need to complete all the Story missions.

Yup, it is as simple as that. Finish all the story missions and you will be able to get access to this Store. This store basically lets you get the weirdest of makeovers. Imagine moving around the city as a Toilet or a swarm of bees.

But all of these come at a hefty price. A million dollars is actually the entry-level price in the store. There is nothing you can get which costs you cheaper than a million dollars here. So be ready to spend some big cash when you visit the store.

Where to Find the ” Everything is a Million Dollars ” store in Saints Row 2022?

In case you do not know where to find this store on the map, the store is located in Lakeshore South.

Here is the map location for the store. I hope this would help you find it easily.

Well, there you go, that is it on the ” Everything is a Million Dollars ” store and how you could unlock it in Saints Row.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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