Scavengers Server Status – Are the Servers Offline or Down ? | Early Access

We finally have the Early Access version of the Scavengers. Wondering why you have online problems with the game? We have just the right answer to all your questions.

Scavengers Server Status – Are the Servers Offline or Down? | Early Access

Like I said before, this is the Early Access for this game. The main reason why you could be facing connectivity issues with the game could be your internet issue or a problem from the developer’s side. In order to know if the problem is with your internet or not follow these steps :

  • Type Run on the windows search bar and start the app.
  • Then type ” ping -t ” and then press the enter key
  • You need to watch the replies and see if you get any “Request timed out” (there shouldn’t be any) or if the response is over 70ms (It should be within 50ms).
  • If you find this line Request Timed Out or maybe the response time is over 70ms then probably you are facing internet issues. Call your provider if that be the case.

You can also try a speed test. Click here to check your internet speed

If everything from your end looks fine then probably it could be an issue from the developers’ end. As we know that this is the Early Access period of the game and the developers themselves have admitted that there are issues regarding connectivity.

Check out what the developers have to say about the issues you are probably going to face when it comes to Online play: ——> Click here for details 

This is exactly what the developer had quoted :


We’re still investigating and addressing the server issues. To help mitigate these issues we will be splitting the lobby based on region.

What does that mean:
– You WILL be able to text message friends in different regions
– You WILL NOT be able to form a party with players in other regions. You can still party with players within your region
– You WILL NOT be able to change regions “

Since the developers are already working on the problems we would request you to have patience as these issues will soon be addressed. We will keep you updated as well.

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