Shapeshifters Delaney Objectives Guide in FIFA 22

This article will help you complete the new Shapeshifters Delaney objectives quickly.

Shapeshifters Delaney Objectives Guide in FIFA 22

The Shapeshifters team 2 is now in packs and the cards look so amazing. FIFA 22 is coming to an end and EA is really trying to make it the best few months for us. We have the Summer Swaps Campaign which gives you 50 tokens. Check out our token tracker right here. 

We also have the Shapeshifters promo, the End of an Era SBCs, and also daily SBCs and Objectives. The week would be packed with objectives and SBCs to do.

Normally EA would be giving us 2 free cards for every promo. They dropped one of them and to my surprise, we have another one today and that would be the Shapeshifters Delaney.

I would not say he is the best CB in the game, not even average at this point but if you are okay to grind for fodder then go ahead and complete the objectives. Also, he would be giving you one of the Summer Swaps 1 Tokens: Duin as a reward for one of the objectives as well.

How to complete Shapeshifters Delaney Easily :

Unlike Emerson, Shapeshifters Delaney’s objectives do not require you to play in a dedicated Friendly mode. Let’s talk about the objectives here :

Defensive Assist: You have to assist a total of 4 goals with only defenders. The best way to do this would be to substitute a striker for a full-back in a 2 striker formation. Someone like Arnold would be perfect. Fullbacks have the pace and passing. They could help you with the assists easily. You can also play them in CM or CDM or even CAM. The position on the card should be a defender. You can do this in Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty or even in Division Rivals.

Danish Delight: You have to score 5 goals with players from Denmark in Squad Battles with min World Class difficulty or Rivals.

Across the League: You have to score from a cross in 5 different matches using players from Bundesliga in Squad Battles with min Professional difficulty or in Rivals. This objective will also give you a Summer Swap token.

Bundesliga Eleven: You have to win 8 matches in Squad Battles on min Professional difficulty or higher or in Rivals. You need to have an entire starting 11 comprising of only Bundesliga Players. You can easily sub in better players but you have to start with the Bundesliga lineup.

Tips :

  • Try to play all matches in Squad Battles with a Bundesliga squad then you would not have to play extra matches for the Bundesliga Eleven objective. Rivals might become very tough.
  • Play all Squad Battle matches in World Class difficulty until you are done with the Danish Delight objective.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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