FIFA 23- Showdown Memphis Depay vs Marcos Acuna SBC | Which one to do?

Are you confused about which World Cup Showdown SBC to complete between Memphis Depay and Marcos Acuna?

This guide will help you understand which SBC would be more logical to complete and why.

FIFA 23- Showdown Memphis Depay vs Marcos Acuna SBC | Which one to do?

EA has dropped yet another Showdown SBC. This time it would be Marcos Acuna from Argentian vs Memphis Depay from the Netherlands.

The Quarter Finals of the World Cup look super intense as Argentina squares off against the Netherlands on the 9th of December. If you are new to FIFA 23 then let me explain how the Showdown SBCs work.

One player from either team is selected, whom you could unlock via an SBC. Now the player from the winning team will get a +2 or a +1 for both players in case of a draw. But since it is a World Cup Quarter Final match, a result would be necessary. This means any one of these two cards might get the +2 upgrade.

The Netherlands vs Argentina would be a pretty close match. And it is very obvious that you might be confused about which one to complete. There is no need to worry as we have just the right information to help you decide which one would be better for you.

World Cup Showdown SBC- Acuna vs Depay:

A lot of users would be doing the SBC based on the likelihood of the card getting an upgrade. While there would be some who would do it just so he could fit the card in the starting lineup.

Let us take a look at the head-to-head results first:

26 May 1974 Netherlands v Argentina W 4-1 International Friendly
26 Jun 1974 Argentina v Netherlands W 0-4 FIFA World Cup
25 Jun 1978 Argentina v Netherlands L 3-1 FIFA World Cup
22 May 1979 Argentina v Netherlands L 0-0 (Tie Breaker) FIFA Celebration
04 Jul 1998 Netherlands v Argentina W 2-1 FIFA World Cup
31 Mar 1999 Netherlands v Argentina D 1-1 International Friendly
12 Feb 2003 Netherlands v Argentina W 1-0 International Friendly
21 Jun 2006 Netherlands v Argentina D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
09 Jul 2014 Argentina v Netherlands L 0-0 (Tie Breaker) FIFA World Cup

We can see here that the Netherlands has 4 wins while Argentina has 3. Two of the matches ended in a draw.  But the head-to-head results seem to not matter at all as we have seen quite a few upsets already in this World Cup.

If you consider how well the Netherlands is playing in this world cup you would be pretty sure about getting Depay. They really eased their way to the knockouts and dominated the USA as well. They had 3 wins and a draw in this year’s world cup so far.

Meanwhile, Argentina looks like a completely different team after the Mexico game. They hardly lose possession of the ball and Lionel Messi is in top form at the moment.

If we actually analyze their gameplay statistically, I would say the Netherlands could win this by a thread. However, if you actually look at both teams and how they are playing at the moment it seems like Argentina might go through.

Depay or Acuna? Which one to Pick?

If you are asking me for a prediction, then I would personally go for Argentina. I feel they have the ability to actually beat the Netherlands as they have done in their last meeting back in 2014.

Now, if you look at both the cards, to me Acuna makes no sense unless he is given a CM Alternate Position. The card really lacks the speed you need for a fullback and his alternate position in the game would be a LM and a LWB.

You can definitely change his position as CM or CDM in the game if you play a 3 defense formation. However, if you do not like that formation then things could get tough for you. In short, he is not the ideal fullback you need in a team. He is a great CM but as a LM or a LB he is not that good. On top of that, he has a 3-star skill move with a 3-star weak foot.

Depay on the other hand is a pretty usable card. He is one of those rare High/Low work-rated strikers who have really good overall stats. He has 5-star skill moves which could prove to be extremely useful after the patch. I did expect a more stats boost on his card but I would still say he is good, especially after the patch.

Depay is even costlier than the two SBCs. Acuan would cost you around 70k while Depay would be around 110k. This really proves that even EA thinks Depay is the better card. He has so many position swaps as well.

Even without the upgrade, I would say Depay would be the better option. Acuna with an upgrade would still not be as good as the fullback we already have in the game. Now it comes down to whom you can fit in the squad. If you need a fullback from Argentina with an average pace then go ahead and get Acuna. There are not many good fullbacks from Argentina, to be honest.

This should be perhaps the only reason you would want to get the Acuna card. Otherwise, Depay is the one you should go for.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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