Sunil Chhetri EOAE SBC Cheapest Solution in EA FC24

The Legendary Indian Striker Sunil Chhetri’s Career has ended and marks the End of an Era in Indian Football. Chhetri was an exceptionally good Striker securing 94 goals in 151 Caps for his Country. And to honor that legacy EA has decided to give us an End of an Era card that looks fantastic statistically.

So if you are a fan of Suni Chhetri and you wish to complete this SBC at the Cheapest Price possible, you have come to the right place.

Sunil Chhetri End of an Era SBC Cheapest Method in EA Sports FC24:

You just need to submit one squad for this SBC. Links are going to be tough but the SBC is overall extremely cheap considering that the card is 96 rated.

Requirements for the SBC:

  • You need to build an 87 or higher-rated squad
  • You need to submit 11 players

Now, I understand that a lot of people could be out of fodder at the moment. Therefore we have brought you the Cheapest squad for this SBC.

The Value of this Squad is:

  • Consoles (Xbox + PlayStaion): 77.5k
  • PC: 86k

I would recommend using the untradeable cards available in your club first before you start buying players from the Transfer Market. In case you do not have any fodder left, buy the squad that I have shown in the picture above. This is by far the cheapest one that you can buy. Remember that player prices do keep changing with time. So the quicker you build the squad the cheaper it will be. Once the availability of these players becomes low their prices will automatically increase.

That should be all on “Sunil Chhetri EOAE SBC Cheapest Solution in EA FC24”

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