Tekken 7 – Easiest way to do Mishima Electrics on Keyboard / Ewgf Ewhf

Wondering how you can do the Ewgf and the Ewhf on keyboard ? Is it too tough for you? Lets make things easy. This detailed guide will help you understand how you can easily do the Mishima Electrics on keyboard .

Tekken 7 – Easiest way to do Mishima Electrics on Keyboard / Ewgf Ewhf

The difference between a regular Wind God Fist (WGF) and an Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF) is that the electric one will leave you at a+5 frame advantage on block with a lot of pushback making it literally impossible for your opponent to punish you. While a regular WGF will leave you a -10 frame advantage on the block with no push back and it also does 3 less damage than the electric variant. The same goes for the Wind Hook Fist which is  Jin’s version of the god fist. All the Mishimas will have access to this overpowered launcher in Tekken provided you have the skill to pull it off.

The EWGF and the EWHF are definitely not the easiest moves in the game. It is perhaps one of the toughest launchers. The timing needs to be frame perfect or else you will just end up doing a regular WGF which is easily punishable by all characters.

How to do the EWGF or EWHF?

In order to do the Wind God Fist, you should first know how to do a crouch dash and a wave dash. Both of these can be easily done on the keyboard by pressing the Forward, then Neutral, and then Down and Down Forward very fast. The down and down forward can be easily done by pressing D and F separately but very fast.

So basically it will look like this FNDD/F. But on the keyboard, you can easily do this by pressing FDF very fast. Just 3 inputs. The wave dash would the same but with a forward command. So basically F then N and DF and then keep repeating the same move

The Entire thing will look something like this

Now You will have to press 2 (right-hand punch) which could be any button on your keyboard at the end of the wave dash. That gives you a Wind God Fist.

Here is the tricky part. In order to do the Electric version of the move you have to press 2 simultaneously with your D/F move. Not a frame late or a frame early. That is how accurate you have to be. the command should look like this :

The empty space you see after the forward is actually the Neutral or N. What you have to do is to make sure that the punch should be timed simultaneously with the diagonal input you see in the picture. So basically you have to make sure that the punch button or 2 should be held while you are doing the D/F. It is much tougher than it looks and takes months of practice to do it consistently.

Secret Easy Way to do the EWGF on Keyboard?

Now for the part, we have all been waiting for. The secret easy way of doing an electric keyboard. Yes, this can be done by only keyboard players. Let’s call it a blessing for them. This is what you need to do :

Options > Button Mapping

Then you would find the controller settings screen :

This means there are two keyboard settings to work with. Trust me this makes things a lot easier than you think. Imagine you have two setups to play around with and lot more buttons to suit to your comfort.

This is what we are going to do :

  • Use Keyboard Controller 1 Settings to set your usual buttons whichever way you please.
  • Use Keyboard Controller 2 Settings to set the left and right (also Forward and Backward)directions anywhere around the punch and kick buttons you have set for your Keyboard 1 Setting.
  • Make sure that the button you set is reachable easily
  • For example, if you have ASDF as your 1234 inputs, you can use X and C as your left and right inputs from Keyboard 2. It will be much easier to reach.
  • Since the input for D/F and 2 should be done at the same time we can do it this way. Press F on Keyboard 1 then press Down on Keyboard 1 along with Forward from Keyboard 2 and Punch button (2) from Keyboard 1.
  • The entire thing will feel like two button inputs. So F from Keyboard 1 will be 1  input and then followed by D (K1) + F(K2) + 2(K1)  pressed simultaneously as the second input.
  • Make sure you have like half a second gap between the first F and the rest of the inputs. If you do it too fast it would only register a DF2

Once you keep practicing this both for Player 1 (Left) and Player 2 (Right) sides you will be able to consistently do electrics without even breaking a sweat just like this :

So you see how I can consistently do EWGFs in Tekken 7. It won’t take you even an hour to learn this. Come on let’s admit, doing an EWGF is one of the toughest things on the keyboard. And technically we are not cheating since we have both Keyboard settings given in the game for us to work with.

Although the concept is for two players to play using the same keyboard but who does that? You can reset the controls if you want to play a friend on the same keyboard. But isn’t it much better to play with two separate controllers?

There you go, the easiest way in which you can actually pull of back to back EWGFs and EWHFs in Tekken 7. Jin’s EWHF works the same way as Kazuya’s and Heihachi’s EWGF. So you can use the same technique for all three of them. Hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts and ideas regarding easier ways to do the Mishima Electrics on Keyboard. Enjoy the game.

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