Tekken 7 Updated Tier List after Combo Breaker 2023

Tekken 7 Updated Tier List after Combo Breaker 2023- We just witnessed one of the best Combo Breakers ever. Arslan Ash grabbed his second Combo Breaker title in a row as he squared off against the legend Knee in the Grand Finals.

Tekken 7 is regarded as one of the most challenging fighting games. Mastering the game takes years of practice. There are different characters with different strengths and weaknesses. All the characters are governed by a complicated frame data structure which is essential in determining how safe a character could be.

In this guide, we would be talking about the current Tekken 7 Tier List as of 30th May 2023. 

Tekken 7 Updated Tier List after Combo Breaker 2023

Now, a tier list is a pretty debatable topic. People have different opinions and I respect that. However, this tier list would be based on what I personally feel about the characters in Tekken as of now.

Combo Breaker 2023 was really intense and we got to see some great matches. One of the most shocking aspects would be two Jin players making it to the top 8.

The developers have done a great job of balancing out the game. When we talk about Tier List, know that there isn’t any bad character. If a character is not in the top 10, does not mean that they are not usable.

Also, when characters have a very low pick rate, we do not really get to know much about them. So we generally consider them bottom tier until someone comes out and proves us wrong in a tournament like Kaizur did with Lucky Chloe.

Top 10:

Akuma and Geese are undoubtedly the best characters in the game. They break the laws of Tekken with their projectiles and jumping attacks. Also, their ability to do ultra-damage combos using their meter makes a huge difference. Akuma could literally do a death combo on you from a single jab which is not normal. It takes skill to do these in the game but the reward is high too.

Zafina is known for her movement and evasiveness. She can literally duck under your mids and punish you. Feng is known as the “god of poking”. We have seen how Knee uses this character and literally pokes his opponents to death.

Kunimitsu was put in the top 5 best characters for PlayStation by Knee himself. We have seen so many Kunis at Combo Breaker with Arslan and Kkokkoma standing out as the best ones in the tournament.

Jin is a great character. he has so many tools in his arsenal that makes him one of the top characters easily. Julia is also a pretty strong character with a really good mix-up game. We all know how strong Paul is. Steve is definitely one of the hardest characters but he is the best when it comes to counter hits.

Lastly, we have Bryan who has a pretty unique tool set. If used properly Bryan can easily be one of the best characters. He literally has unblockable setups that lead to massive damage.

Top 20:

Jack is really good with his range. He can poke you from a mile away with his long arms. Claudio is pretty strong as well. Lucky Chloe does not have the best frames in the game but has a really good mix up which even pro players find difficult to adjust to.

Eliza is another one of those characters that use a meter to do insane combos. We have seen so many players use Alisa. She has great range and mix-ups and she is easy to play. We all know how good Law and his DSS moves are.

Negan and Leroy are really good DLC characters. Leroy had been nerfed a thousand times before he actually became balanced. Leo is an interesting character who is pretty safe and has a great 50/50 mixup. We had also seen tons of Asuka players online and in the tournaments. She is also a great character.

Top 30:

The Mishimas are great but their moves are so predictable that we hardly find them being efficient in tournaments nowadays. Xiayou has a lot of mix-ups. She is like a better version of Lei. Lee is one of the hardest characters in the game and he does not even reward you well enough. But he is still easily in the top 30.

Hwoarang has good poking and combo damage but is really weak to sidesteps. Anyone who knows the Hwoarang matchup can end him in seconds. Nina is hard to play and rewards you greatly too. But she has a lot of weaknesses which is why we do not see many Ninas now.

Miguel is definitely one of the safest characters. Marduk is sometimes called cheap because of his damage potential from his Rage Drive and his tackles. But his lack of solid frames makes him weak to some extent. Noctis is also a good DLC character who has the best range in the game.

Top 40:

King and Armor King have very similar play styles. However, they are too predictable because of how much player lab them. Ganryu has the lowest pick rate. We do not know the full extent of his skills yet but from what we know he is average.

If you know Eddy, it will be very easy for you to counter him. Lei is good but somehow he never gets success at the tournament level. At low levels he could be super overpowered, but if you have the matchup knowledge you know when to punish him. Yoshi is a very tricky character indeed. But they perform poorly in games when the opponent knows the matchup.

Anna, Master Raven, and Lilly are great characters but not as good as the others above them.

Bottom Tier:

There is nothing much to say about the bottom-tier characters. They don’t offer you much and are easily predictable, especially Dragunov. Kazumi requires good fundamental knowledge but she lacks offensive weapons that could take her up the tier list. Fahkumram after repeated nerfs is now one of the worst characters in the game.

It would not be possible to give an in-depth guide of every character’s strengths and weaknesses in one article.

This Tier List is completely based on my personal opinion and how I understand the game. Feel free to talk about the tier list in the comments section below.

I hope the article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below.

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