Telles Vs Kounde Which Showdown SBC to do in FIFA 22 ?

This guide will help you decide which Showdown SBC card to go for between Alex Telles from Sevilla FC and Jules Kounde from FC Barcelona in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. 

Telles Vs Kounde Which Showdown SBC to do in FIFA 22?

We are into the last month of FUT 22 and EA has dropped another Showdown SBC. For those who do not know how the showdowns work, well let me explain it to you.

Two players are selected from either side who are about to square off in real life within a few days. Both of these cards are eligible to get upgrades on their current stats depending on the result of the match.

The player from the winning would get a +2 overall while the other one gets no upgrade. Both of them could get a +1 if the match ends in a draw.

This time we have Jules Kounde who has been recently transferred to Barca and Alex Telles who has joined Sevilla from Man Utd. They will be facing each other on Sunday 4 I will be helping you decide which would be the logical SBC to do and why.

FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC :

I know a lot of the users would be doing the SBC based on which team is more like to win the game. So basically doing the SBC based on the +2 upgrade on the player. Both the cards are 96 rated and a win would get one of them to 98 which is pretty good.

So if you are wondering which is the better team, here are some facts for you.

Barcelona has won 2 out of their 3 league games and 1 was a draw. While Sevilla has lost 2 of their 3 league games and 1 ended in a draw. As a result, Barca is in 3rd place and Sevilla is way down there in the 15th spot.

Also, take a look at this :

These are the results of the last 10 games these two played against each other.  Barcelona has won 6 times while Sevilla only managed to get 1 win. The rest were draws. Barca is also amazing football under Xavi at the moment and honestly, I do not see them throwing the match away.

If you ask me Barcelona is clearly the favorite and more likely to come out with a win. And if you are going to choose based on who is more likely to get an upgrade then go for Kounde.

Kounde or Telles? Whom to pick?

Leaving all the statistics aside if you look at the cards individually, then I personally feel Kounde is a lot better compared to Telles.  No doubt the Telles card is good but he is a full-back and all fullbacks now have around 95+ pace.

However, Center Backs have less pace compared to full-backs but Kounde has like 94 pace. And it’s not like he has low acceleration and high sprint speed, he literally has 94 for both stats which is super good for a center back.

He is French so you might not worry about the links as well. It will be very easy to link him to any team. His TOTS card was good and he is actually one of the most agile defenders. Even though he is not as tall as the other defenders like Varane and Chiellini but he makes up with his agility.

Along with the upgrade, Jules Kounde Showdown is the way to go if you planning on doing one of these two SBCs. But if you have a lot of fodder which you probably will, then go ahead and do both the SBCs. This way you could get a guaranteed upgrade and use him in-game.

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