The Cycle Frontier : How to get Indigenous Fruit

Read the article to know how and where you could easily get Indigenous Fruit in The Cycle: Frontier. 

The Cycle Frontier: How to get Indigenous Fruit

Developed by Yager Development The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvEvP shooter game. This means it is as competitive as it gets where players not only go up against other players online but also face AI enemies as well.

The game is pretty challenging not only in terms of survival but also in terms of grinding for resources as well. Now we all know that there are loads of resources scattered all over the map in The Cycle. Some of them could be pretty easy to locate while some could be extremely difficult.

How to Find Indigenous Fruit in The Cycle Frontier :

The Indigenous Fruit is a rare resource and this resource is really important for your Personal Quarter since it reduces the cost of upgrades. If you are looking for them in the Bright Sands and Crescent Falls then you might have to look somewhere else because you would easily find them at these locations.

The fruit looks green and has very few locations where you might get them. If you compare both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls I would say the later location might give you a slightly better chance of finding one.

Coolers and Hidden Stashes would be your best source for finding this fruit. Coolers would give you a 14-22% chance of getting the fruit. However, the chances are low in hidden stashes.

Go over to the Waterfall Labs and look for coolers and hidden stashes for the Indigenous Fruit.

Next, you might try out the Crashed Ship, which is located on the top-left side, and also try out the South West Collection Point and Science Campus, which are found south of the Bright Sands.


Head over to Nutrion Farms Warehouse, which is located in the top-left corner. It is the best location for getting Indigenous Fruit.

The Pinnacle Labs is located in the top-right corner. Nutrition Farm Processing, located to the south of Crescent Falls, is also a great place to look for Indigenous Fruit.

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