Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Best Class / Multiclass that you should select | Beginner’s Guide

Getting confused with the classes in the game? Well, you have come to the right place. We here will learn about the Classes, their strengths, and which one would be best suited for your playstyle in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Best Class / Multiclass that you should select | Beginner’s Guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is the successor to the Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Through the game, you get a chance to explore a chaotic fantasy world with Tiny Tina as your Dungeon Master. Yes, she pulls the strings to your story.

Choose from the classes a character that best suits your playstyle and then slash and shoot through hordes of enemies. Build your skill tree and make yourself stronger as you progress through the game.

You can go ahead and play solo but trust me when I tell you it is a lot more fun when you have your friends with you (you can co-op up to 4 people). The game is a looter shooter where your main motive is not just defeating your enemies but getting as much loot as possible.

Which Class/Multiclass to choose Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands :

Every class will have a Class Feat which is a passive effect that is always active. Apart from that, you have 2 action skills with cooldowns and a skill tree which you can build in your own way using skill points. Let’s take a look at the classes first :

Stabbomancer :

Stabbomancers are basically sneaky assassins. They are specialized at getting critical hits on enemies when you go head-on and can even stealthily take them out from behind. You can literally go invisible and then strike your enemies from behind.  So if you are the type who avoids direct confrontation then this is the class for you.

Spore Warden :

Spore Wardens are nature masters and have toxic spewing mushrooms that help you fight against enemies. They can summon three tornadoes to seek out enemies and launch volleys of arcane arrows. They are the guardians of the Wonderland natural wilderness and a typical range fighter. In case you do not like getting up close and personal with the enemy, this is your class.

Spell Shot :

Try to imagine a character where you can combine spells along with gun power. Oh yes, the Spell Shots are exactly the spells and guns specialists who can give you an edge over the enemies anytime. They can also transform their enemies into livestock that are absolutely harmless.

They can deal different elemental damage on enemies like Fire and Ice and can also use their spell weave ability to increase spell damage and fire rate. So if you love magic along with guns, then this is the best character for you.

Clawbringer :

The Clawbringers are warriors who have the ability to deal lightning and fire damage to their enemies. They have a Wyvern companion who breathes fire and helps you in combat. Their Spectral hammer is the main source of their power.

Throw it at the enemies to deal lightning damage or smash it on the ground to deal fire-based AOE damage to knock down enemies. The class also has a dragon aura which provides additional fire damage on weapons for the entire party. Best suited for those looking for crowd control.

Brr-Zerker :

Brr-Zerkers are specialists in Melee and Frost damage. Along with firepower, they are skilled at melee attacks which are brutal and deal a lot of damage. They are like barbarians who love to get up close and personal with their enemies.  Their Feral Surge Ability is an amazing attack that closes the distance and does AOE damage as well.

They also have an ice-based spin attack called the Dreadwind which also deals AOE damage. Along with that, they have the ability to leech life from the enemies you have taken down.  A great class that combines gunplay with melee, good crowd control, and healing ability as well.

Graveborn :

Last but not least we have the Graveborn class. They are masters of spells and dark magic. The Graveborns sacrifice health to unleash devastating Dark Magic attacks. They are also aided by a powerful and ancient demi-lich who helps them in combat. This is a high-risk high-reward type of class. They have some sort of negatives with their skills which has to e used wisely. Definitely not for beginners.

What is Multi-Classing in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

As we discussed before, when we choose a class we get a Class Feat along with 2 action skills for that class and also a unique skill tree based on the class. As you progress through the game you will be getting access to another class which you could choose as your secondary. This is referred to as Multi-Classing in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland.

You are definitely not restricted to just one class. This is a very bold move since you may end up not liking your primary class. It is like a second chance of developing another class along with your primary character.

This secondary class slot will not affect your primary skills whatsoever. It is actually an addition to your existing class. So once you get your secondary class you would have 2 primary passives or class feat, 4 action skills with 2 unique to each class, and 2 class-based skill trees. In case you have a companion passive for your primary you would be having 2 companions if you choose another companion passive character as your secondary.

In other words, you get more variation in your game. Basically, this would be your way of overcoming the weaknesses of your primary class. As you level up in the game you gain skill points with which you level up your skill tree. Now it depends on you which skill tree you would want to build on. You can also have skill points set up for both ways or you can focus on just one skill tree. However, it is impossible to fill both trees.

Remember : That your primary class would be a permanent one. You can change your secondary class once you finish your main story campaign. So be sure about the decision you take. 

How to choose the best Multi-Class?

Choosing your secondary class could be very tricky. You have to choose the right one for the best results. If you ask me, my secondary character would be based more on overcoming the weaknesses of my primary class. For some, it might also be based on boosting the strengths of your primary class.

So how do we choose them? Well, firstly you have to understand how your primary class works. For example, if my primary class is good at long range like the Spore Warden, you might feel it might not be the best to add someone like Stabbomancer as your secondary or vice versa.

It will completely take away the range attacks from my primary as Stabbomancers are more about stealth. However, you can still use the invisibility ability of the Stabbomancer and combine it with the longer-ranged attacks of the Spore Warden. So you see, even though two classes are very different from each other they can still benefit from each other’s abilities.

Another great combination would be Graveborn and Brr-Zerker. Graveborn has high offensive abilities through spells but it comes at the cost of his own health. Brr-Zerkers on the other hand can leech the health off fallen enemies. This makes these two a deadly pair and Graveborns could now use Brr-Zerkers ability to heal to compensate for the loss of his own health during his spells.

If you are new and having trouble dealing with enemy crowds then a combination of Clawbringer and Brr-Zerker would be the best for you. These two are examples of adding more to the strengths than compensating for weaknesses. These two as a multi-class would have tremendous crowd control with pretty good AOE damage overall.

Similarly, Spell Shots and Stabbomancers could also work well with each other. Spell Shots have a bonus to gunplay and spells while Stabbomancers have enhanced critical damage on the enemies. This makes them pretty strong as the boosts in gunplay will further strengthen the critical damage done by the Stabbomancerss.

Even Spore Wardens and Brr-Zerkers would make a great match as you can be good at both ranged and melee combat. if in case the enemy closes in on you, use the AOE knockdown abilities of Brr-Zerkers and get back to a longer range.

So you see, Multi-Classing is all about understanding which abilities will work great with each other. It all depends on your primary and your play style.

I hope this article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands related content and guide.

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