Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 Crash / Lag / FPS Drops / Stuttering Fix Performance Boost

Many users complained about Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 having a disgusting lag. Let’s see how we can get them fixed.

These fixes are for those who have already reduced the in-game graphics settings and still there is no such performance improvement.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 Crash / Lag / FPS Drops / Stuttering Fix

Just follow these simple steps to get the game running smoothly.

Make sure to meet the System Requirements:

The game is not that heavy in terms of requirements but make sure you meet the requirements for the game in order to get a smoother experience


Windows 10


Windows 10


AMD FX 6300 / Intel Core i3-4340


AMD Ryzen 5 1600X / Intel Core i5-2500K






AMD HD 7950 / Nvidia GTX 660


AMD Radeon R9 390 / NVIDIA GTX 970

Direct X

DX 11

Direct X

DX 11

Keep your Video Drivers Up to Date :

We have seen in the past that many times the performance of a game would be impacted if the drivers are not updated. Make sure you have the drivers up to date. You can update your drivers from the link below :

Disable The X Box Game Bar:

The X Box Game bar could potentially impact the performance of a game. Hence we recommend it be turned off. Follow the steps below to turn it off :

  • Type Settings in Windows Search Bar below
  • Click on Gaming
  • Select Game Bar from the left panel
  • Turn it Off
  • Restart your game

Switch The Game Mod On:

The Game Mode for windows will help you increase performance for any game you play. Not a huge boost but whatever works for us . Here is how you can turn it on.

  • Type Settings in Windows Search Bar at the bottom
  • Click on Gaming
  • Select Game Mode from the left panel
  • Turn it On
  • Restart your game

Nvidia GeForce Experience Overlay to be Disabled (Nvidia users only):

The Nvidia GeForce Experience Overlay is actually an app that comes with a lot of Nvidia services that can bring down the overall performance of a game and cause stutters. Hence turning it Off would give you a smoother experience.

  • Start Nvidia Geforce Experience
  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right
  • Select the General Tab
  • Turn Off In-Game Overlay
  • Restart your PC

Verify and Repair The Game (Epic Games):

Epic Games allows us to verify the files of a certain game.  If any file is missing or is corrupted then that file will be downloaded again or repaired.  We can Verify the game files like this :

  • Launch Epic Games Launcher
  • Click on Library
  • Select Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 from the list and click on the Three Dots ( … ).
  • Click on Verify. This will take some time depending on the size of the game.
  • Once done you can re-launch the game.

Hopefully, these steps would help you get a performance boost ad to reduce any in-game lag, stutter, or FPS drop. If not then probably it is an issue from the developer’s end. If that is the case then you have to wait for a patch release. Enjoy the Game :).

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