Total War Saga : Troy Stats Explained / Understanding Stats

Having trouble understanding all the infantry stats? This article will explain what each stat means and how it works.

Total War Saga: Troy Stats Explained / Understanding Stats

Lets me explain all the stats and how they work

  • Armor: This the how resistant a unit is to enemy attacks, could be ranged or melee. The higher the armor the lower the damage taken. Certain units have Shields that help in blocking 60% of incoming missiles from the front.
  • Morale: Perhaps the most important stat for a soldier. Morale is the mental toughness or the willingness to fight and never give up. It is how long a soldier can fight before he gets scared and runs away.
  • Speed: This is how fast a unit can move on the map. The higher the armor slower the unit.
  • Melee Attack: This is basically the chance of a unit landing an attack on the enemy when they are engaged in a melee fight. The higher the number more the chance of your unit landing a strike on the enemy.
  • Melee Defense: This is basically the chance of your unit being attacked by an enemy. Higher the number lesser the chance of your unit getting struck by the enemy in a melee fight. Armor also comes into play as it reduces the damage taken after a hit. It is actually how well your unit avoids a melee attack from the enemy. Thus allowing your unit to fight longer and not take damage quickly.
  • Damage: This stat has two classes. Weapon Damage is the base damage done by the weapon your unit is using. However, it can be reduced by the armor of the enemy unit. The second one is the Armor Piercing Damage which is always applied no matter how high is the armor stat of your enemy. This also includes bonus damage on specific unit types.
  • Charge Bonus: This is bonus damage applied on Melee attacks for 13 seconds when they charge on an enemy unit. The damage boost gets reduced with time and stops after 13 seconds.

Hopefully, this will help you understand the various stats in the game.

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