Your Prestige is one of the main things you should be focusing on while progressing in Total War Three Kingdoms. If you want to become a successful ruler in the game then you have to know about different ways to increase the prestige of your generals. Here is how to increase the Prestige of your generals in Total War Three Kingdom:

Total War Three Kingdoms – How To Increase Prestige Of Generals

What is Prestige in Total War Three Kingdoms?

The Prestige system is one of the most important aspects of Total War : Three Kingdoms. Your Prestige influences your progress in the game by a good margin. Higher the Prestige, higher is your power and influence over your factions and the country.

Increasing Prestige will allow you to start more and more trade agreements with other factions. You can increase the number of spies you can appoint at a time and your total number of assignment slots is also increased.

How to get more Prestige in Total War Three Kingdoms?

The most straightforward way of gaining Prestige in Three Kingdoms is by being at war most of the time with your neighbors. Fight and acquire the settlements of your enemies as many times as you can. This will cause the Prestige of the leader of your faction to go up easily.

Apart from this you can even construct buildings. There are various unique administrator buildings on the Reform section that you can build in the game which will give you way more Prestige when compared to wars.

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