TOTS Alisson Becker Cheapest Solution SBC in FIFA 23

EA has dropped the Team of the Season Alisson Becker card today as SBC. I would consider it a big win for anyone looking for Brazilian links in the Premier League for Jesus and Joelinton. Also, the fact that he is from Liverpool makes it even better when it comes to links.

I am personally not a fan of his gold card, and I do not feel his TOTS card would be that good either. The AI remains the same for the majority of the players throughout the year. Like it’s May and Gold Mbappe is still overpowered because of his offensive AI.

However, I would still do this SBC just because of the links. He is not that costly and this guide will help you in completing the SBC at a reasonable cost.

TOTS Alisson Becker Cheapest Solution SBC in FIFA 23

You need to submit two squads for this SBC. Here are the requirements:

Squad 1- Brazil:

  • You need to have 1 or more Brazilian players in the squad.
  • The overall squad rating should be 83 or more.

Here is the first squad that you can submit

Consoles PC
14,300  15,200

Squad 2- Premier League:

  • You need to have 1 or more players from the Premier League in the squad.
  • The overall squad rating should be 86 or more.

Check out the squad price below.

Consoles PC
69,950  72,200 

Total SBC Cost (Cheapest)

Consoles PC
84,250 87,400

Remember, that the cheapest cost of an SBC depends on the lowest market value of the players that are used. These are the cheapest squads you can use at the time of publishing this guide. As I said before, he is not that expensive for the links he provides. By no means he is a bad keeper, but I won’t say he is top tier either.

The best thing about the SBC is that you do not have to submit any TOTS or TOTW players in the squad. That is huge considering every other SBC nowadays requires that. I would highly recommend getting the SBC done.

Use the untradeable fodder in your club to reduce the price further. If you do not have enough fodder, simply buy the squads I have shown in the pictures above.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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