UFC 4 PS4: How To Unlock Lee, Joshua and Fury without Pre-Order – For FREE – Easy Way

Martial Arts fans are pretty excited about UFC 4. The game looks and feels so real as if you are watching a live UFC match on TV. The game did introduce new features over its previous installments and does improve on a lot of things.

One thing fans would genuinely love about the game is the special entries in the roster like Bruce Lee, Tyson Fury, and Anthony Joshua. These characters come as pre-order bonuses.

Let’s see how we can get these characters without Pre-ordering the game. Of course you can get them by completing the career mode but the point is how to do that quickly so that you can enjoy yourself with your favorite Martial Artists for a longer time. How about we say we can get these unlocked in a couple of hours or three at the max?

Let’s find out

UFC 4 PS4: How To Unlock Lee, Joshua, and Fury without Pre-Order – For FREE – Easy Way

Just follow these simple steps :

Start your Career Mode :

Make or select your fighter and start your career mode and try to go through the first match. After that when you get a prompt for starting your UFC career click on Yes

Select Difficulty:

During pre-launch, it was said that you need to finish the mode at the hardest difficulty but after a recent update, Easy mode will also work. So select Easy as your difficulty mode.

Adjust Gameplay Settings:

After selecting your difficulty you need to go to Settings and then select Gameplay Settings.

Then select Advanced Settings and turn down all AI settings and increase User settings to maximum.

Keep Fighting:

After you are done with the settings you need to start fighting. Accept all the fights and select Weeks Until Fight as 1. Ignore social media and everything else. Just rush through the fights.

You will be able to Knockout your opponents in like 5 to 10 seconds due to the gameplay settings you just adjusted. Once you rush through your career mode you will reach the Greatest of all Time! status and you will eventually unlock all bonus fighters.

Enjoy playing with all the bonus fighters and keep knocking them all out.

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