Valorant – Should you Buy the Xenohunter Bundle ?

Should you buy the new Xenohunter Bundle in Valorant? Read this guide before you do.

Valorant – Should you Buy the Xenohunter Bundle?

Valorant has really made an identity for itself across the world. From being called a cheap copy of CS GO to being one of the most played games in the world at the moment.

There are over a million users who play this and they are extremely satisfied with the content of the game and how the devs look into every minor issue.

Since the only unlockables in the game are the Agent Contracts and of course, as you get better you go higher up in the ranks, at a point in time you might feel that you repeating yourself in every game. The same maps, the same lineups, and probably the same agent unless you are super versatile.

However, what made the game more interesting were the weapon skins. Yes, the team put a lot of effort into designing skins that look super unique, and not only that, some of them would also have their own animations, their own finishers, and sound effects as well.

This is what makes this game very different from CS GO. You just don’t get a new paint job on your weapon.

The New Xenohunter Bundle, Is it Worth it?

With that being let’s talk about the new Xenohunter Bundle that was dropped earlier today. We have the Odin, Phantom, Bucky, Frenzy, and a Knife that looks like the classic M9 Bayonet from CS GO.

The skin features dark colors with a semi-robotic look. You could say it is kind of a hybrid of the Protocol and the Recon. The unique feature is a Heartbeat sensor and a minimap display on your gun. The sounds are a little different.

I thought at first that the minimap would give me vital information. Like when I am in Jett’s smoke and I could see where I am aiming at. However, it’s not what I expected it to be. The minimap just gets blurred when you are in smoke. It does not point out enemies. It just shows you and your heartbeat.

Well, since I do not get any advantages of the minimap, it is definitely what I could say a distraction. Especially on the phantom where it sticks out from the side. The only good thing about this bundle would be the classic M9 Bayonet. The “takeout” animation is super good and reminds me of the Bayonet knife I owned in CS GO.

So if you are in love with the Bayonet knife go ahead and buy that for 3550 Valorant Points. I would say that the entire Xenohunter bundle being 7100 Valorant Points is just a waste of your money. There are no color variants, there are no finishers, the guns look blunt, the sound effects do not help you aim at all and there is a minimap on the gun which you probably won’t need ever.

So overall I would say this bundle is definitely not worth it. However, it is a personal choice at the end of the day. You could get it if you like it. For me, there is not much reason to spend those.  7100 Valorant Points .

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the Comments section down below. For more Valorant guides and content keep following FPS Index.

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