Valorant – Sova Best Recon Lineups for Pearl Map

This guide will help you use Sova’s Recon dart to full effect in the new map Pearl of Valorant.

Valorant – Sova Best Recon Lineups for Pearl Map

I had been playing Valorant for quite some time now and I am really enjoying the game. I like the concept of adding abilities to a game similar to Counter-Strike. Since  I had played Counter-Strike for a long time before I hoped into Valorant and that is why I could adapt to the shooting easily.

The new map Pearl looks very interesting. I really love the lighting on this map so far. The map is pretty large but you would normally get mid-range o close-range fights mostly.

Sova could be very difficult to play on this map but trust me if you could master the recon lineups that I am about to show you the game becomes simpler for your team.

Where to shoot Sova’s Recon dart on Pearl?

Let’s talk about how you could effectively use Sova on this map. Sova’s Recon Darts are far superior to Fade’s Haunt only because it’s much tougher to locate and break. Let’s talk about the specific location where you could recon to reveal the enemies.

Attacking Side :

When you are on the Attacking side it is very important to know exactly what angles the Defenders are holding. This gives you a really good advantage on how you should be using your Utilities and also where you should aim.

Recon Dart to Reveal B Site :

When you start off the round and you are looking to push B site, head to the Mid Shops and this is where you need to stand :

The place marked in Red in where you have to stand. Now take a look at the picture below

Make sure you point the left end of the HUD line (the one which has the health count) in the middle of the curtain right there.  Now shoot your recon at 2 bars of power.

That is exactly where the recon should land revealing the sniper or anyone trying to peek from B Hall. It also reveals the B site so you may have a chance to know where they are camping. You need to immediately go left and try to peek from B ramp unless it is smoked.

Recon At the back of A Site :

Head right from the spawn to A Restaurant when you are attacking. Stand where I show you in the picture below :

Stand at the 3rd or 4th stair from the end of the staircase.

Look at the intersection I made. That is where you point your crosshair. It should be the 3rd line on the long horizontal pillar thing and the top edge of the stone on the right (when it lowers down). Shoot your recon dart with a little bit more than 1.5 bars of power. Do not shoot with 2 bars or else it would fly out of the area.

That is exactly where you would see the dart land revealing enemies on site.

Recon for A-Main Control :

If you want to take Main control just dart anywhere on the back of the wall on A-main.

Mid Door Reveal from Spawn

Mid-control is very important from this map. While your team could push towards mid you could stay back at spawn and shoot a recon dart to reveal enemies at mid doors.

Go straight and hit the wall right at Attacker Spawn. make sure that the edge of the wall aligns with half your body. So basically half your body should be on the circle sticking out from the edge of the wall.

Now equip your Recon Dart ability and point the left mouse click pointer (not the crosshair) on the middle of the edge of the balcony right there as I have shown.

This is the pointer I am talking about. Shoot with 1 bar of power only and no bounces.

That is exactly where the recon should land revealing enemies holding Mid Door. They would either back off giving you mid-door control or your team might engage or wall-bang them according to the situation.

Recon to A Art :

This one is a pretty easy recon that could help you reveal enemies holding A side Art.

Just stand in the marking I have shown.

Now aim your recon bolt to the marking I have shown in the picture. Shoot with full power and 1 bounce.

The recon should land here revealing enemies in Art.

Defending :

Revealing enemy location on defense helps you understand which site they are trying to push. This gives you an advantage knowing that the enemy is pushing towards a particular site.

Recon Dart to A Restaurant from A Secret :

This could be an early recon to reveal enemies trying to push A site through A restaurant.

Stand in this corner. I have left a marker to indicate the corner line.

Now aim towards the right bottom corner of the lamp over there. You would have to make sure your first charge bar aligns with the bottom right corner of the lamp. Now shoot with full power and 0 bounces.

The dart should land right there revealing anyone pushing from A restaurant to A Main.

Recon to Reveal B Ramp from B Site :

When you are defending B Site enemies pushing from B ramp could easily get in if you do not have smokes. However, if you know their locations you could easily plan your next move or shoot through the smoke.

Stand on the marker as I have shown right in the corner of those two boxes.

Now point the top left edge of your power bar right on the edge of the red line as shown with the marker then shoot with full power and one bounce.

The dart should land on that tree over there. This would reveal enemies pushing from B Ramps. This is a really good recon since new players on the map might not expect a dart sticking to the tree.

Reveal Mid Shop from A Art :

As I said before Mid control is extremely important on this map. A reveal at Mid Shop could be crucial if the enemy is trying to control mid.

Go to A Art and position yourself in a way that the edge of the roof of the house you are looking at towards mid should align with the wall in Art.

Look closely at the picture below.

Now aim the bottom edge of the diamond of the bounce bar like this

Shoot with full power and no bounces.

It should land right on the edge of the roof like that. It would reveal anyone at Mid Shops.

Reveal for Retake on A-Main plant

If you feel they have an A Main Spike plant go ahead and use this reveal tactic to ensure you get a successful retake.

Stand here at the Defenders Spawn.

Point at the top left corner of the highest window up there.

Make sure you align the left-click pointer with the top left corner of the window up there. Now shoot with 2 bars of power and 0 bounce.

It should land in that area in A Main where the enemies would easily be revealed.

Retake Reveal on A Link :

If you feel the enemy is playing heavily on A Links after the plant then use this reveal.

Head to A Secret and Stand in that corner.

Now aim for the area I have marked and shoot with full power and 1 bounce.

That is where the recon bolt should land. This is a pretty easy reveal on A Links for an even easier Retake.

Recon Dart to Retake B Site 

Retaking the B site would become really easy if you could do this reveal.

Go over to B Link and crouch at that corner. Exactly where I have marked.

Aim right at the center of the red marker that I have shown. Then shoot with full power and 2 bounces.

It should land exactly on that tip of the roof revealing almost everyone on the B Site.

There could be tons of other Recon Bolt setups for Sova on this new map. These are by far the ones that could be the most effective. Go ahead and let us know in the comments section down below if you know of any other recon setup which could be helpful for any scenario.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know. Also, keep following FPS Index for more Valorant related guides and content.

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