When do we get Bryan Fury Reveal Trailer from TEKKEN 8

Tekken 8 is perhaps the most awaited fighting game ever. The current installment is the most successful one in the franchise and is still going rock solid after 8 years of release. On top of that Bandai Namco is doing an incredible job hyping up the fans even more with character trailers.

The trailers we had so far look super good as the creators did an excellent job showcasing the new moves and fighting mechanics of the game. The most exciting thing about this concept of character trailers is the long wait leading up to it. Especially if the character is your main and you had waited forever to see what he looks like in Tekken 8.

Hwoarang fans were disappointed that Lili’s trailer was released before the Korean’s. Especially since Hwoarang had been in every game since Tekken 3. However, the moment his trailer dropped the fans went crazy.

There are still a few legacy characters left to be revealed and perhaps the most anticipated one at the moment would be Bryan Fury. 

The dude has a huge fanbase and they are all looking forward to a date when his reveal trailer from Tekken 8 would get dropped. In this article, we would be discussing when that might happen.

When do we get Bryan Fury Reveal Trailer from TEKKEN 8

Like every other reveal trailer for Tekken 8, we were not given any particular date. It was more of a sudden drop.

This was exactly the case with Lili. She was never considered a Legacy character but still, she managed to come before Hwaoarang. This was indeed shocking and maybe the entire character reveal pattern did not actually depend entirely on legacy characters.

I took my time to figure out how most of the characters got revealed. Tried to look for a pattern that could give me a clue for the next trailer. And finally, I could figure it out. Now this will only be a prediction and I really hope I am right.

Back when Lili’s trailer was dropped, Bandai Namco was at an event in France. Now Lili is from Morocco but her native language is French. Therefore she has a lot of fanbase in France. Next was the Hwoarang trailer and it came out when they were doing an event in South Korea.

This brings us to the conclusion that Bryan Fury, being an American would probably be revealed when Bandai Namco goes for an event in the USA. We have Combo Breaker coming up this May, from the 26th to the 28th.

I guess, that would be the time when they might drop Bryan Fury’s reveal trailer for Tekken 8.  For those who do not know, Combo Breaker is a huge fighting game event that takes place in the USA. Bryan is an American, and by following the recent pattern for trailer reveals, it is likely we get to see his trailer at the event.

I hope the article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Tekken 8.

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