Wild Hearts Best Bow Combo for Max Damage

Wild Hearts is a Monster Hunter style game developed by Omega Force. The game features the mystical world of Azuma, where you play as a character who hunts massive monsters or Kemono.

Inspired by feudal Japan, Azuma looks visually stunning. The game is not really open-world but there is enough room for exploration since the areas are quite large.

Wild Hearts gives you several weapons each of which has its own unique abilities. The combat system is pretty impressive so far depending a lot on how you manage stamina.

Wild Hearts Best Bow Combo for Max Damage

There are 8 weapons in the game and only 2 of them are ranged. The Bow being one of them is perhaps the most overpowered weapon in the game if used correctly.

Even though it might be a little difficult for beginners to use this weapon but once you get a hang of it “there would not be a monster in town you won’t be taking down” (my rhymes are legendary).

Bow Basics:

I guess you already know the basics of the bow. You have two stances with different types of arrows. The horizontal stance lets you fire arrows that pierce the skin of the enemy and stays attached to them. And the vertical stance lets you detonate these bows that are stuck on the enemy for a massive amount of damage.

The horizontal stance has two charge levels. You press triangle (PS) or Y(Xbox) to charge once and then press again for the 2nd charge.

The first horizontal level charge allows you to fire a lot of arrows quickly and these pierce the enemies and stay on them. The second level lets you fire a barrage of arrows following a trajectory. This is extremely good for bigger targets.

The first level vertical charge lets you fire an arrow that detonates all the arrows when it strikes the enemy.  You get a good amount of damage. The second charge is a similar thing but does more damage and takes more time to shoot.

Bow Combos:

The is very similar to Fortnite as it lets you create gadgets and stuff while fighting enemies to help you offensively or defensively.

The springboard Karakuri is pretty useful as it gives you a level one charge on any stance you choose once you jump from it.

Stacking 3 cubes and jumping from it gives you a charge shot similar to the level 2 vertical shot and when you land down you get a level 2 charge on whichever stance you are in.

Keep it in the horizontal charge and go for the arrow barrage. Hop from the cubes and shoot to detonate all the arrows on the enemy.

This is the basic combo that everyone who plays the bow knows about.

Maximum Damage Combo for the Bow in Wild Hearts:

This combo that I am about to tell you will help you inflict a tremendous amount of damage. As I said before that the bow is the weapon that does the most damage if used correctly.

Here is what you need to do. You need to have the glider karakuri (the one that works like a helicopter). When you are facing a monster, switch to horizontal stance. Now jump from the ground and use the glider. Do not use it from the ground. Make sure you jump and then use it.

While you are hanging from the glider press R2 (PS) or RT (Xbox). Do not jump down from the glider. Press R2 pr RT while you are still hanging from it. This would trigger a charged shot similar to the one when you jumped off the cubes. It is exactly like the level 2 vertical shot but you are getting it without charging.

Once you land on the ground, you would have a level 2 charge on the horizontal stance. Use up all your stamina to perform the arrow barrage and stick as many arrows as you can on the enemy. Controlling the trajectory could be a little tough but you will get used to it.

You can use the glider again and keep repeating the same thing over and over again. You would not have to worry about manually charging as the glider karakuri is already giving you 2 levels of charge every time you do the charged shot while hanging from it and land on the ground.

This does an insane amount of damage every time and you can take bigger stronger monsters down in 3 minutes or less.  The best part is you can do it an infinite number of times as the glider always comes back to you when you are on the ground.

Go ahead and exploit this combo before it gets fixed.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Wild Hearts

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