WRC 9 – Lag / FPS Drops / Stuttering and Crash Error Fix Fia World Rally Championship

Fia World Rally Championship is back and it looks more intense than ever . However many users have complained about the game being laggy. Now we know how irritating it would be since its a racing game . So lets see how we can get rid of this annoying lag .

WRC 9 – Lag / FPS Drops / Stuttering and Crash Error Fix Fia World Rally Championship

I believe these few steps will help you out with the frame drops and lag.

Check the System Requirements for WRC 9 :

WRC 9 isnt heavy when it comes to graphics and system requirements . But you still need to have atleast the minimum requirements to run the game and the recommended setup to run it smoothly .

Click here to check the system requirements for WRC 9 .


Make sure your Video Drivers are up to date :

Even though this game does not have dedicated drivers for both AMD and NVIDIA but still having the drivers updated will help you in getting better performance out of the game. You can get your drivers updated from here. Just follow the instructions once you click on the link below :


Switch Off X Box Game Bar  :

The X Box Game Bar has affected performance of a game in the past. Hence we recommend it to be turned Off  so that there is no affect on performance

  • Type Settings in Windows Search Bar below
  • Click on Gaming
  • Select Game Bar from the left panel
  • Turn it Off
  • Restart your game


Turn On Game Mode  

The Game Mode for windows will help you increase performance for any game you play. A slight boost but a boost nonetheless . Here is how you can activate it.

  • Type Settings in Windows Search Bar at the bottom
  • Click on Gaming
  • Select Game Mode from the left panel
  • Turn it On
  • Restart your game


Nvidia GeForce Experience Overlay to be Disabled (Nvidia users only) 

The Nvidia GeForce Experience Overlay is actually a cool app if you want to record your game or posts screenshots , but it comes with a lot of Nvidia Servcies wihich can bring down the overall performance of a game and cause stutters. Hence turning it Off would give you a smoother gameplay.

  • Start Nvidia Geforce Experience
  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right
  • Select the General Tab
  • Turn Off In-Game Overlay
  • Restart your PC

Keep Your Windows Updated Always :

An outdated Windows OS version could bring down the performance of certain games resulting in lag and stutter and horrible frame drops. We have to make sure that everything which could potentially cause lag needs to be properly sorted. Hence always keep your windows version updated.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Update & Security
  • Click on Check for updates
  • Wait for the updates to get installed
  • Restart your PC

Working with NVIDIA Settings (Nvidia Users Only) :

If you own an NVIDIA graphics card, you can make changes to your NVIDIA settings in order to get a performance boost :

  • Right-Click on your desktop and select  NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Click on Manage 3D settings.
  • Select Program Settings and look for WRC 9 on the list.
  • Set Preferred refresh rate to “Highest available”.
  • Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1.
  • Set Threaded optimization to ON.
  • Set Power Management Mode to “Prefer maximum performance”.
  • Set Vertical sync to OFF.
  • Click on Apply and close the window.

Verify and Repair The Game (Epic Games) :

Epic Games allows us to repair a certain game. Which would mean verifying whether the files downloaded are corrupted or not. If any file is missing or is corrupted then that file will be downloaded again or repaired.  We can Verify WRC 9 files like this :

  • Launch Epic Games Launcher
  • Click on Library
  • Select WRC 9 from the list and click on the Three Dots ( … ) .
  • Click on Verify. This will take sometime depending on the size of the game.
  • Once done you can re launch the game.

These steps should probably fix any in-game performance issues . If you still have performance issues after all these steps then the issue could be from the developers end for which you might have to wait for a patch fix.

If you want to know the best graphics settings for this game to get a good performance along with good visuals , then click here.



7 thoughts on “WRC 9 – Lag / FPS Drops / Stuttering and Crash Error Fix Fia World Rally Championship”

  1. I’ve tried all of the above but sadly it’s still a stuttering, unplayable mess. I’m relieved that this is a general issue and I hope the developers can fix it soon. I won’t hold my breath though as the developers are usually pretty slow with their updates. 🙁

  2. Small update seems to have fixed the issue for me…runs really smoothly now and the performance is even better than WRC8. Good job!!

  3. i just bought WRC 9 but when i tried to run the game it shut itself down i tried many times to run it again but it keeps shutting itself down
    just before the game shut itself down it gives the notification:
    “you are not connected to the epic game store 2:10”
    is there anyone who knows what i have to do??

  4. i tried all this but did not work spent last two days testing and found that it was not my computer that was causing the stutting and game lag but my xbox 360 controller tried all 3 controllers i have had same issue, then i just tried game with just keyboard no issues at all, change settings back to normal and work sthe same no issues with keyboard but not with the 360 controllers, i have ordered xbox one controller to try to see that works.

    also if you have issues with logitech g29/g920 wheels don’t plug usb into the front of computer or into a hub these caused my mate similar issues, his issues stopped when he plugged the usb in on the motherboard socket fixed his lag every 2-3 minutes he had.

    Hope helps others.

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