WWE 2K22 – Fix Controller Not Working on PC STEAM

WWE 2K22 controller not working: If you are one of the many users who are facing this exact same problem then you have come to the right place. We have just the right fixes for you to make sure this problem is resolved for good.

WWE 2K22 – Fix Controller Not Working on PC STEAM

WWE 2K22 is finally out on all platforms. The wait has been long but I believe it’s worth it. It is perhaps the most anticipated wrestling game of the year. No matter how huge the titles are, they always come with their share of bugs and technical glitches.

Over here we aren’t exactly actually going to talk about a bug. We are going to talk about a technical issue that many users at the moment are facing. It seems like for a lot of people the controller is not working. It won’t get detected in WWE 2K22 for some reason.

How to Fix the ” Controller Not Working ” Problem with WWE 2K22 :

There could be a lot of reasons why this could be happening. The first and most basic thing to check would be the USB ports and the controller itself. If it works with other games or maybe other nonsteam games then there should not be any problem with the controller itself. However, if the controller is not getting detected then could be a problem with the port or the controller itself.

Let me tell you first that the fixes I am about to give you actually worked for several users. They are pretty easy and all you have to do is follow them step by step :

  • You need to make sure you have opted out of Steam Beta. To do this go to Steam (top left) > Settings > Account > Change > Set to NONE – Opt out of all beta programs
  • Click on Ok and Restart Steam.
  • Plug out all devices like your controller, mouse, and keyboard. Then plug your controller first followed by your mouse and keyboard. Disable Virtual inputs like DS4 Windows, VJoy, and UJR.

If the controller starts working after this then it’s good to go. Or else follow the steps after this :

  • At times having multiple steam library folders could cause a problem if the main folder is not selected. To change to your main folder go to Steam>Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder. Now all you have to do is to select the main folder and add it.
  • Go to your Steam Library and select WWE 2K22.
  • Right-click and then select Properties > Controller > Override for WWE 2K22> Enable Steam Input.
  • Restart Steam
  • Make sure you have the controller connected when launching the game

If it still does not work then do this step :

  • Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode > Manage Game > Controller Options > Steam Input per-game setting > Forced on
  • Exit Big Picture Mode.
  • Restart Steam
  • Re-launch the game.

The controller should start working by now. However, there is still some steps you can try if it still does not work for you :

  • Go to Steam>Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings
  • You will be taken to the Big Picture mode
  • Select or Check the boxes before PlayStation Configuration Support and Xbox Configuration Support
  • Then click on Back
  • Restart Steam for one last time

I am sure these steps will help you fix any controller-related issues with WWE 2K22. It already fixed the problem for many users and I wish it fixes for you too. If the guide was helpful please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following the guides on WWE 2K22 right here on FPSIndex.

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  1. Sadly this has not helped.

    I’ve done everything, but the game won’t connect to any of my controllers or my keyboard.

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