WWE 2K22 – How to do Breakers Reversals Dodge and Block | Defense Guide

If you are confused about the new Defense System in WWE 2K22 then you have come to the right place. I will tell you how you can consistently keep doing reversals and breakers and always have the upper hand in the match.

WWE 2K22 – How to do Breakers Reversals Dodge and Block | Defense Guide

After the huge disappointment which was WWE 2K20, the fans had to wait for 2 years to finally get the wrestling game they deserved. WWE 2K22 is the real deal, the complete package. A visual treat that plays just like we hoped for.

The gameplay being smooth and crisp is mostly because of the new fighting system that the franchise introduced. Instead of long pressing the grapple and the attack buttons we now have 2 different buttons for the attack which works for grappling as well. This kind of reminds me of the old ” Smackdown – Here Comes The Pain” title which is perhaps the best WWE game ever made.

At first, even I had trouble getting used to the new controls. But when I got used to it, I swear it felt much smoother than any of the previous titles. “Hold” inputs for the attack did not quite work well for me as most of the time the game would actually register a “tap” causing a lot of confusion and delay.

However let’s quickly get down to business and explain how you can easily perform Breakers, Reversals, and Block all the time in WWE 2K22.

How to Perform Reversals :

The concept of Reversals was always there in WWE games. The only difference was that 2K introduced a single button for reversals. This made it pretty easy for users to pull off reversals. Like every other time Reversals need to be timed.

You need to press the “Y” button for the Xbox, the ” Triangle ” button for the PlayStation, and whatever button you have mapped for your PC,  just when the opponent is about to hit.

So all you need to do is look at the opponent’s animation. Then when he is mid-way through the animation or he is just about to hit you you can tap the reversal button to counter that attack into one of your own. This gives you back the upper hand in the match. This year you have unlimited Reversals, unlike the previous versions. So make the best use of it.

Remember that you can reverse most attacks except after the first hit of a combo or in a grab. You can reverse the first attack move of the combo but if you get hit then you would have to use a breaker instead. We will discuss this later.

How to Perform Blocks :

Blocking is a new feature that is added this year. All you need to do is press and hold the ” Y ” for Xbox, ” Triangle ” for PlayStation the Reversal button on PC.  You have to keep holding it. The superstar would keep blocking as long as you hold it.

How to Perform Dodges :

To dodge an attack you have to press the “R1” on the PlayStation, the “RB” on the Xbox, and the Dodge/Climb button on the PC version of the game. Smaller superstars like Rey Mysterio will perform a Roll while larger superstars like Brock Lesner would do a regular dodge animation.

How to do Breakers :

Breakers are a bit more complicated than the rest. These require skill and practice to get done consistently. However let me tell you this, you would also need an element of luck to get more successful with breakers.

Breakers can be used to counter a combo or a grab. You would have to press the same attack button as your opponent while you are in the combo or in a grapple move. Attack buttons would include ” Square, Circle and X” for PlayStation and ” X A and B” for the Xbox. For the PC version, it would be your Light Attack, Heavy Attack, and Irish Whip buttons.

This is where you need a little guesswork. For example, if your opponent is pressing Light Attack during the Combo and you Press Heavy Attack then you would not be able to counter. Not only that you would not be able to use a breaker for the rest of that combo as well.

Breakers would require you to understand the attack patterns of your opponent. This is why you need to do more mixups with your combo to keep your opponent guessing.

There you go, the easiest Defense guide that will help you do Breakers, Reversals, Dodges, and Blocks more consistently. I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep an eye on FPS Index for more content and guides related to WWE 2K22.

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