WWE 2K22 – How to Play Ladder Match Mini Game Guide | Tutorial

This guide will help you win ladder matches more often by guiding you on how you can easily complete the ladder match mini game

WWE 2K22 – How to Play Ladder Match Mini Game Guide | Tutorial

The Ladder Match would be undoubtedly one of my favorite match types in WWE. The matches are always back and forth with super high intensity and risks. Jeff Hardy being one of my favorite wrestlers of all time is said to be the god of ladder matches.

Even in the game I just love playing the these match types. You can not only use the ladder as a weapon but also jump from the top of a ladder. Imagine doing a Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder. Satisfying isn’t it ? It sure is.

How to complete the Ladder Match Mini – Game to Win :

A lot of people are currently struggling with ladder matches. The reason being the mini-game at the end. It could be a bit confusing for a new comer  and that is what we are here for. Well, here what you have to do.

Pick up the ladder by  pressing the “Pick Up Object” button on PC (” U ” default key) , LB on Xbox and L1 on the PlayStation. Now press the “Heavy Attack” button on PC (K being default key), A on Xbox and X on the PlayStation, to set up the ladder. You have to set it up right underneath the Championship belt that is hanging above or the Money in the Briefcase whichever is on the line.

Next, beat up your opponent so that they are down and out.  Now climb the ladder using the “Dodge/Climb”  button on the PC (Default = O), R1 on the PlayStation and RB on the Xbox. Once you are midway you get two options.

You can continue climbing by pressing the same button for climbing. This would get you right on top of the ladder from where you can use diving attacks or finishers (if your wrestler has an aerial finisher).  Or you can press “Pick Up Object” button on PC (Default = U) , L1 on the PlayStation and LB on the Xbox to reach for the belt or briefcase.

Here is where the Mini-game begins. You have a green ball and a circular area in the middle. What you have to do is put the ball through the gap in the line which keeps rotating. If you are on consoles you have to press R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox) to shoot the ball through the gap. If you fail to shoot it through the gap then the gap would go further away and will take time as it comes closer.

However you can rotate the ball too with the help of the Right Stick. So yes, use the right stick to move the ball to the right position and then shoot it through the gap with R2. You have to repeat this 8 times to get the Belt or Briefcase and win the match.

How to Complete the Ladder Match Mini-Game on a Keyboard for PC :

If you are on PC and using a Keyboard then thing would be twice as difficult for you. Keyboards do not have the Right Stick. So what do we do ? How to we win Ladder Matches? Here is what you have to do.

In PC we have a modifier button which works as a right stick modifier. By default it should be your LEFT CTRL button. The right stick directions would be “I,J,K and L” with I being up, J being left, K being down and L being Right. Whenever you press and hold down Left Ctrl and press I, J, K or L  you are literally doing the right stick movement.

The same concept works in the mini game. Instead of the right stick you press Left Ctrl and move the ball with I,J,K and L. When the ball is near the gap you press “Space” which will be the finisher modifier by default to shoot it through the gap. Do this 8 times and you win.

Remember that you do not have to do it 8 times whenever you climb the ladder. It is the total times that you have to do it. So basically if you have done 6 times and then you climb  again you would only have to do it 2 more times. Once you get the hang of it , it becomes very easy.

I hope the guide was helpful . Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also follow FPS Index for more WWE 2K22 related content and guides.

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