WWE 2K23- All John Cena Showcase Matches Confirmed

Are you wondering what could be the matches that we might get for the new John Cena Showcase mode in WWE 2K23?

Well, in this article we will be talking about all the matches which are confirmed so far and some of the matches which we think could probably be there as well.

WWE 2K23- All John Cena Showcase Matches Confirmed

WWE 2K22 was a massive success. 2K changed their game completely through a newly defined style of wrestling. At first, I thought that the fans might not like the new changes, but it seems like they all loved it, and that includes me too.

The new fighting mechanics were simpler and easier for anyone new to the game to enjoy it. Other than that, the graphics, presentation, and lighting were all improved and overall it has been one of the greatest WWE ever made. Of course for me “Here Comes the Pain” would still be number one but WWE 2K22 is not so far behind.

We can already imagine how good the next title would be. Imagine if 2K actually worked on whatever flaws the game had and rectified them. Also, added more features to the game to make it more realistic, like the one we know about so far is the stamina meter and how it affects the wrestlers during a match.

With all that being said, I am definitely looking forward to WWE 2K23.

John Cena Showcase mode matches that are confirmed so far:

The Showcase modes have always been my favorite in the WWE games. They allow you to re-live the past as the matches you play, even though they already have a decided outcome but it is super fun doing the objectives and enjoying the cutscenes.

Last year we had the Rey Mysterio Showcase mode which I feel was correctly done. This year we get to see the ultimate baby face of the company for over a decade, John Cena. He is like superman to the kids and I idolized his “Never Give Up” attitude.

Although I think an Edge or a Randy Orton showcase mode should have been better since we already had a Cena and CM Punk showcase mode back in WWE 2K15. However, that was more of a rivalry showcase than the actual person’s career.

The showcase mode this time will be a little different. John Cena is known to never give up and that is why the devs thought it would be sensible to showcase the superstars who actually managed to beat John Cena. So you would probably be controlling John Cena’s opponents. This is evident from the fact that Cena actually says “So now when you step into their shoes, I am looking to get those wins back” in the trailer.

There are a few confirmed matches that we get to know from the trailer itself.

John Cena Vs Kurt Angle Smackdown 2002:

This is the first confirmed match of the showcase. John Cena debuted on June 27th, 2002. I was a kid back then and I saw this aggressive young man walk down the ring and challenge the Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle.

At one point in the match, I thought John would manage to get the win but Kurt was too technical for him and managed to pin him easily. This is when I felt that this dude had that thing in him and WWE could give him a push.  Not every superstar loses their debut match and still manages to win hearts.

John Cena Vs Rob Van Dam ECW One Night Stand 2006:

This was the time when Paul Heyman lead ECW into WWE and we witnessed chaos breakdown between superstars every week. The ECW One Night Stand back in 2006 was one of the most brutal PPV events. John Cena went one on one with Rob Van Dam.

We saw Edge spearing John Cena through the table, followed by RVD’s five-star frog splash and Heyman counting the three to give RVD his victory over Cena.

John Cena vs Batista Summerslam 2008:

Cena vs Batista in Summerslam 2008 was a classic. Not the most technical match but a brawl. We saw Batista deliver the Batista Bomb twice to finish the match and emerge victorious. One of them was a counter as Cena jumped from the top rope. Also, during the match, Batista broke Cena’s neck and he had to take a break until Survivor Series 2008 when he made his return back to the ring.

John Cena vs Triple H Night Of Champions 2008:

Triple H took on John Cena at the Night of Champions 2008 and managed to remain the WWE Champion. The match went back and forth but ultimately swung in favor of Triple H as he delivers the Pedigree to win the match.

The community this year tried its level best to create a long-haired version of Triple H. This match is crucial as it unlocks the long-haired Triple H model which we wanted so much.

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar Summerslam 2014:

Brock Lesnar shocked the entire WWE Universe with his return in 2012 and challenging Cena. Although Cena managed to get a win over Brock in Extreme Rules 2012 it seemed like Brock was definitely the stronger of the two as he dominated the entire match until he got smashed in the face with Cena’s infamous steel chain.

Two years later Brock managed to defeat Cena and win the WWE Championship in Summerslam 2014.

John Cena vs The Rock Wrestlemania 28:

The Rock has always been my favorite wrestler. Honestly, I wanted him to beat Cena in this legendary Wrestlemania match. If you ask me, it is one of the best Wrestlemania matches I have seen.

The match was intense and it felt like Cena had the upper hand. However, the man got cocky and tried to humiliate The Rock by mimicking the People’s Elbow which is supposed to be The Rock’s finisher. But, he paid for it as the Great One Rock Bottomed him right in the middle of the ring and pinned him.

John Cena vs AJ Styles Summerslam 2016:

AJ Styles is perhaps one of the most technically gifted wrestlers to have existed. He has won it all and is famous all over the world. He squared off against Cena in Summerslam 2016. This is easily one of my favorite matches, as AJ Styles showed what it actually meant to never give up.

The match was intense with so many finishers but none of them would get pinned. At one point in time, Cena looked in disbelief as AJ kept fighting back. He lands the Style Clash followed by the Phenomenal Forearm and took the win over Cena.

John Cena Vs The Undertaker Wrestlemania 34:

This match was more funny than intense. Cena kept calling out The Undertaker and he came out of retirement and accepted the challenge. The match ended in 2 minutes and 46 seconds. Cena made a fool out of himself as Taker dominated the entire match finishing it off with the Tombstone. Even The Undertaker’s entrance lasted longer than the match perhaps.

I think there might be a time limit for this match in the showcase mode which I think could make it really interesting.

Roman Reigns is the most dominating Champion in WWE history as of now. This is when WWE decided to push Roman as a heel after repeated failures in trying to make him the baby face that the company needed after Cena.

The fans did not take it well, so they decided to turn him heel, and trust me Roman is a changed man. His promos are super good, and it feels like he is a natural heel. His persona just does not give you the baby face vibe.

Cena Challenged Reigns to a match in Summerslam 2021 when he returned in Money in the Back 2021. The build-up was great and the match was intense but Roman emerged victorious.

There you go these are the confirmed matches for the John Cena Showcase Mode in WWE 2K23. The entire set of matches fit properly with the theme. I do wish we get a few bonus matches where we play as John Cena himself.

I hope this article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K23

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