Are you looking for the best Tekken 8 Tier List? Well, we have got you covered. We have built the most appropriate Tier List for the game that will help you decide which character you should Main.

It has been 3 months since the release of Tekken 8 and it is the perfect time for building a Tier List. Tekken is a game that requires a lot of skill to master. People have been playing this game for over 10 years claiming they are still learning. Especially when it comes to Tekken 8 as it feels like a completely new game with the Heat Mechanics.

Here is the BEST Tekken 8 Tier List that Includes Eddy Gordo: 

A Tier List shows which characters are good and which are bad. Tekken 8 does not have Bad characters. Every character is strong and unique with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore a character placed in the Bottom Tier does not mean they are horrible to use. It is just that the characters who have placed a tier above are just a little bit better.

So keeping all that in mind, we have designed a pretty accurate tier list which most people will agree on. The list is based on the latest patch 1.03.02.

Let us not talk about the S tiers. We all know how strong those characters are.

I guess the shocking factor here would be Lars being in B-tier when a lot of people think he is OP. If you know the matchup you will realize that Lars can be poked when he is transitioning between stances. He is no doubt strong but his pressure can be controlled with a power crush or a simple poke.

The same goes for Eddy. He is an extremely weak character on paper. He is new in Tekken 8 but has always been annoying in previous Tekken games as well. The fact that a lot of people simply cannot lab him because they did not buy him makes his matchup pretty unknown to a lot of the player base. So if you manage to lab him, you will understand how weak the character is. He can be poked from his Banainera stance and can easily be punished because of how unsafe he is.

If you feel there needs to be a change in the list do mention it in the comment section. We can always have a fair discussion.

That should be all on “The Best TEKKEN 8 TIER LIST”

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