All Fractured Peaks CELLAR Locations in Diablo 4

Season of the Malignant is underway and so far I am enjoying every bit of it. The fact that you can now have so many new builds with the Malignant Hearts made the game more interesting than ever.

Like the majority of the fanbase, I was upset about the recent nerfs too but when I read about the Malignant Hearts and what they are offering, things started to make sense to me.

Your Season Journey in Diablo 4 is divided into Chapters with objectives. Complete these to move forward to the next one. However, you do not have to complete all the objectives in the Chapter to proceed.  This is actually good for progression as some of them could be really annoying.

In this guide, we will be helping you with the locations of each and every cellar in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4 so that you could easily complete the Cellar Objectives for the Season. 

All Fractured Peaks CELLAR Locations in Diablo 4

You get Cellar Objectives as early as the 2nd Chapter of Season 1 and trust me when I say that it is by far the most annoying one. The fact that they are not marked on the map makes it so difficult to actually look for them.

It seems like you would be roaming around forever without coming across even one of them. The objective called Undertaker in Chapter 2 needs you to complete 1o of them which is a lot considering something you do not get to mark on the map.

Therefore we have decided to help you with a map that shows you all the locations of the Cellars

These are the guaranteed places you can find a cellar in the Fractured Peaks region. Enter the cellar and complete the objective. Normally you would just need to clear the enemies. Upon completion, you would get an in-game notification for both the Cellar and the Season progress.

There you go, that is all you need to know about every Cellar Location in the Fractured Peaks of Diablo 4.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Diablo 4. 

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