Assassin’s Creed Mirage- How to Get the BEST Outfit / Armor

Assassin’s Creed Mirage offers a wide range of outfits or armor with special abilities.  The game lets you use a dagger, a sword, and an outfit that basically acts as the armor. However, more than the defensive value of the outfit, the special ability is what users are looking for.

Perhaps the most broken special ability and undoubtedly one of the best armors in AC Mirage is the Milad’s Outfit. If you are wondering how to get this outfit, here is a guide for you.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage- How to Get the BEST Outfit / Armor

The Milad’s Outfit is not only good-looking but also overpowered. It can actually give you endless assassinations helping you clear out groups without even breaking a sweat.

Every time you do a successful air assassination you set off a flash of lightning that blinds the enemies within a 15m radius giving you enough time to assassinate a few more.

To get this armor you would have to play through the main story and as you progress you will unlock a quest or investigation for Nehal called “The Ancient Place“. She would ask you to find a hidden place north of Aqarquf Dunes.

The quest brings you to a location where you can find an Oasis. Here is the map view of the location.

As you head towards the Oasis, you will find guards patrolling the area.

Take them out and in one of the shelters you will find a table with a note that gives you the exact location of the hidden place.  Or you can simply use your eagle to mark the secret entrance inside the lake.

Dive into the lake and swim deeper until you come across a hidden Isu Chamber. This place will have 3 items for you- an armor/outfit, a dagger, and a sword. However, you would need 10 Mysterious Shards to unlock all three.

Mysterious Shards are normally found on special guards around the map. Here is a detailed guide on how you can find these Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage.

The Milad’s Outfit would require 5 Mysterious Shards to unlock. Once you do that, equip the outfit and enjoy one of the most broken special abilities in the game.

Well, that is all on “Assassin’s Creed Mirage- How to Get the BEST Outfit / Armor

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