Assassin’s Creed Valhalla- Which Armor Runes are the Best ?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a lot more than just building the skill tree to make your character stronger. Apparently, you can attach various runes to your armor or weapons to get some additional benefits that will aid you in battle. Now most of us wonder which runes to use. So we have made a list of armor runes for you that we feel are better in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla- Which Armor Runes are the Best?

Since we are talking about Armor runs here, many of us feel that armor runes would only enhance your defense. But it does not work that way. There are many armor runes that enhance your offensive skills too. Here are some of the best Armor Runes you can use in the game.

Rune of Life

This increases the amount of Health you have. Always a good option to have a good amount of health to last longer in battle. But, I would not build armor with these runes only. It is good to have more health but it would not be end game good to just focus on your health. But this is definitely one of the best runes out there.

Shadow Rune

For the ones who love to play stealth, this rune is for you. It increases your damage from the shadows giving you an edge if you prefer stealth over head-on combat. Valhalla does have many missions where you have to stay undetected or at times it is best that way.

Brigandine Rune

This rune increases your speed when you are surrounded by two or more enemies. You often face such situations in the game and it would be pretty useful if you got extra speed while fighting groups of enemies. You can literally outpace them. However, it is of no use when you have to face a boss one on one.

Shell Rune

Well, this rune increases your armor, which means now you take less damage. You can take heavier hits now and still live to fight. A useful rune if you love taking enemies head-on.

Evasion rune

As the name suggests, this rune basically increases your evasion or dodging speed giving you more chances to successfully dodge some brutal attacks. Very useful when you are fighting groups of enemies or bosses.

Warrior Rune

This rune increases your melee damage. It is applicable to all weapon types. You can now easily land heavy blows and do heavy damage to your enemies killing them more quickly than before. A pretty useful rune as it works in any situation.

Now it comes down to your play style. We are allowed to attach multiple runes to our armor. If you want to hit the enemy’s head then the Shell Rune and the Warrior Rune would be nice for you. If you struggle in dodging attacks then the Evasion Rune is good for you. It will help you dodge easily. Shadow run is good for a player who loves stealth. So it all depends on your approach to combat. Enjoy the game.

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