Best AIM / MOUSE SENSITIVITY for CS2 (Counter Strike 2)

The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test is currently underway and the game certainly is an improvement over CS GO.

Although some might argue that the shooting has become more challenging, I feel the opposite. For me, tapping heads had never been easier, especially because of the improved hitboxes and better shot registry.

If you are new to Counter Strike it might take you a while to adjust to the game mechanics. Normally it takes years to get good at this game because there is so much to learn.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best Mouse or Aiming Sensitivity for precise aiming that might give you an edge over your opponent in Counter Strike 2 (CS2).

Best AIM / MOUSE SENSITIVITY for CS2 (Counter Strike 2)

Experienced players will be able to tell that CS2 feels a lot clunkier than the previous title. Not only with movement but also with the aiming in general.  Spraying has definitely become tougher in this game. However, taps and bursts work wonders.

I feel the need to adjust my mouse sensitivity all over again. For newcomers, you might be wondering how you can actually set the perfect sensitivity for CS2. Here is how you do it.

How to Adjust Your Mouse or Aim Sensitivity in CS2?

I use a Windows Mouse Cursor Speed of 10 and I would recommend using that. Whatever sensitivity adjustments I will be explaining in this article will be based on a cursor speed of 10.

  • Type Mouse Settings in your Desktop Search Bar.
  • Select the option that you get
  • Adjust the Cursor Speed and make it 10.

Also, I am using a Mouse DPI of 800. 

Step 1:

Go over to the game and pick whatever sensitivity you started with. Head to the practice mode and focus on any point on the wall. You can also focus on objects like a trash can or something.

Now move left and right while keeping your crosshair static over the focus point. Basically, you need to move your mouse in the opposite direction to keep your crosshair at the center. Adjust your sensitivity until you can precisely keep your crosshair at the point without putting in a lot of effort on the mouse.

Also, the steadier your crosshair is, the better it will be for your aim. While moving left and right make sure your crosshair is steady at the center and not shaking or jumping around.

Step 2:

Another way to adjust the sensitivity is to swipe your mouse across your mat quickly to see how fast you can make a complete 180-degree turnaround. The point is to quickly turn and shoot backstabbers and it should be done with one single movement of the mouse.

You might have to increase your sensitivity to do this.

Step 3:

Knowing how high and low sensitivity works in CS2 is crucial. A higher sensitivity will help you flick your crosshair quickly over an enemy. But you will not be able to do micro adjustments to keep the crosshair steady on targets that are far away.

On the other hand, a lower sensitivity might feel clunky but it is more precise and lets you do those micro adjustments to accurately aim for the target.

In other words, high sensitivity is for better movement, and lower is for better accuracy.

Too low or too high would always work against you so you need to find that sweet spot yourself. Play a lot of Deathmatches and see which sensitivity feels more comfortable to you.

Adjust your sensitivity to a default of 1.5 in the game. Now go higher or lower depending on what you feel is required for better accuracy and movement.

Users with smaller mouse mats should generally go for a little higher sensitivity and vice versa.

What are My in-game Sensitivity and DPI?

If you want to copy my in-game sensitivity, feel free to do so.

  • Sensitivity: 0.95
  • DPI: 800
  • Polling Rate: 1000
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire

If you are using 400 DPI, divide the sensitivity by 2. So if you have 2.0 sensitivity in 800 dpi, it would become 1.0 in 400. 

Pulsefire is a really lightweight mouse (59 gms). It is really good for quick movements and your wrist does not get tired. If  I want a more stable aim, I will go for a heavier mouse like the Logitech G502 (around 120gm). However, a heavier mouse makes my wrist tired after a game or two.

Sensitivity adjustment is more of a personal preference. What could be comfortable for one user might not be the same for another.  So this is something you need to figure out on your own, rather than copying someone else. However, taking suggestions is absolutely fine.

Well, that is all you need to know about the “Best AIM / MOUSE SENSITIVITY for CS2 (Counter Strike 2)”. 

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Counter Striker 2 (CS2)


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