BEST Endgame FALCONER Build in LAST EPOCH: Looking for the best Endgame Falconer build? Well, you have come to the right place.

Last Epoch is a hot topic in the ARPG genre as people immediately started comparing it to Diablo 4 and how it could be a better buy.  All the characters and builds are strong enough to hit endgame but the one that stands out at the moment is the new Falconer build that I am about to show you.


The Falconer build was always considered S tier and after a few tweaks here and there, it could easily be the best build in the game at the moment. It is so good that at times it feels dumb as the enemies would just get insta-killed.

Here are the Skills and Specializations that you would need for this Build.  Smoke Bomb is an absolute must-have for this build.

Here is the Smoke Bomb Skill Tree that you would need for this Build.

The Skill allows us to make Shadows so when we use build our Dive Bomb Tree, we need to make sure that we get “On Wings of Shadow” which lets us summon more Shadow Falcons. So if one wasn’t enough, now we have three of them doing millions of damage for us.

With the “Dancing Shadows” skill, if the Shadow Falcons land in your Smoke Bomb they deal takes off again after a while and does more damage.

Cloud Gatherer” will increase the Smoke Bomb duration by 40%.

Here is how you should build the Falconry Tree.

And this is your Explosive Trap Build Tree.

This is your Aerial Assault Skill Tree. One of the most important skills you need would be “Umbral Remnants” which helps you keep creating more shadows. Also, make sure you max out “Aerial Prowess” as soon as possible.

That is how you do your Skill Tree build for one of the most Overpowered variants of the Falconer.

That should be all on “BEST Endgame FALCONER Build in LAST EPOCH

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below and also follow FPS Index for more guides on  Last Epoch.


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