Best KATT AMR Loadout in MW3 (Modern Warfare 3)

Sniping is tough in Call of Duty games. Especially in Modern Warfare 3 where the flinch while scoped is increased, it is difficult to aim at enemies who have already started shooting you.

Also, the new snipers in the game have low overall damage making you get more hit markers than elimitations. However, the Katt-Amr is completely opposite of this. Not the fastest sniper but it literally one-shot enemies anywhere on the body and on the map.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best Katt-Amr class setup in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Best KATT AMR Loadout in COD MW3 (Modern Warfare 3)

The KATT-AMR is the slowest sniper in COD Modern Warfare 3 but hits like a truck. So it is pretty obvious by now that the best way to build this gun would be to increase its ADS speed. Here are the best attachments for this weapon:

Laser FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Aiming Stability
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Sprint To Fire Speed
  • Laser Visible in ADS
Barrel Perdition 24″ Short Barrel
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Damage Range
  • Bullet Velocity
  • Recoil Control
  • Firing Aim Stability
Rear- Grip Singer LR Grip
  • Aiming Idle Sway
  • Flinch Resistance
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Aim Walking Speed
  • Movement Speed
Stock Tactical Stock Pad
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Recoil Control
Bolt Ephemeral Quickbolt
  • Rechambering Speed
  • Rechambering Accuracy

Well, this is the class setup or loadout that I am currently using for the Katt AMR. If you want the fastest ADS on this weapon you can go for the Underbarrel- Cornerstone Bipod instead of the Rear Grip. It gives you an ADS speed boost and does not show in the stats. However, when you select details you will notice a boost in ADS.

For me, I want my sniper to be stable, in case I miss my first shot. This is why I want to boost Flinch Resistance and Idle Sway along with the Marksman Gloves making my sniper really stable.

I would recommend not to run and gun with the Katt AMR but instead hold angles and try to camp.

There you go, that is all on “Best KATT AMR Loadout in MW3 (Modern Warfare 3)”

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below and also follow FPS Index for more guides on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (COD MW3).


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