Biomutant – PS4 Controller not working | How to fix

Not able to use your PlayStation 4 controller for Biomutant on PC (Steam)? We have the right solution for you. Let’s find out.

Biomutant – PS4 Controller not working | How to fix

A lot of users are complaining that their PS4 controllers would not work with Biomutant. The layout would be that of an Xbox controller or it won’t work at all. Games like Biomutant are always meant to be played with a controller. I am just Saying that it doubles the fun. A lot easier to fight against enemies and the overall experience is much better. Sadly for people owning a PlayStation controller the game didn’t quite respond well.

Can this be Resolved?

Well, it seems like there isn’t an official fix to this. But there are a few steps that you can follow and it worked quite well for many users.

  • Launch Steam and go to your game Library
  • Select Biomutant. Right-click and select Properties.
  • Then on the left side, you will find the Controller tab
  • Under Override for Biomutant, you will find a box with a drop-down arrow
  • Click on that and select Enable Steam Input
  • Now all the options under Steam Input Status will now be Enabled including PlayStation 

Also, do this :

  • On the top left of your home screen select the Steam option
  • Then click on Settings
  • Now on the left go to the Controller
  • Select the option “General Controller Settings
  • You will get a Big Picture window with a lot of options
  • Check the box before PlayStation Configuration Support.

There you go, simple steps which could actually solve the problem for you. Remember to restart steam once after making these changes. If the problem still persists then probably you would have to wait for a patch fix.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts regarding the same.

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