COD Black Ops Cold War – How to Easily Unlock OTs 9 | New Season 4 SMG

Wondering how to easily unlock the new OTs 9 SMG in Cold War Season 4 Multiplayer? We have just the right guide for you.

COD Black Ops Cold War – How to Easily Unlock OTs 9 | New Season 4 SMG

OTs 9 is the new Mid Season SMG that we get in Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War. This gun looks so promising. SMGs in general is so good in the game and I am pretty excited about this one. However this is not just open to all type of weapon. You need to unlock it. Unlocking could be a difficult task but if you know the right tactic you might get in done in no time at all.

How to Unlock the OTs 9?

If you check Weapons in the game and then select Sub-Machine guns you will see this weapon right at the bottom. It will be locked and there will be a requirement for it to get unlocked. You need to “Takedown minimum 3 enemies who are affected by your tactical equipment with an SMG in 15 separate games”.

This means you have to takedown the enemies while the affect is on. Your tactical equipment include the stun grenade, flash grenade , smoke grenade and gas mines. Players using the Tactical Mask perk will make them almost resistant to Flashbangs and Stun grenades and immune to Gas Mines. Therefore you chances of eliminating someone with these equipment could be very less.

Therefore the one that I suggest is the Smoke Grenade. Yes, the smoke grenade cannot be avoided. All you have to do is smoke the areas where the enemies are and charge in with your SMG hoping to get a few eliminations. You will be able to see a little bit of the enemy at certain areas where the thickness of the smoke is minimum and that too counts.

Use the Danger Close perk to carry two smokes in the game. This increases your chances of smoking more areas and get your objective SMG eliminations. As for SMGs the most powerful SMG according to me is the LC10. Perhaps the best weapon in the game arguably. Other than this the PPSH 41 , Bullfrog , AK74 u and MP5 are really good weapons as well.

There you go, the easiest way to unlock the new OTs 9 for Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. If you found this guide helpful do let us know in the comment section. Also share your thoughts regarding this new weapon

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