COD Modern Warfare 2- How to Earn Battle Pass Tokens FAST

Are you playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for hours and still do not have enough Tokens for the Battle Pass?

Well, we are here to solve this problem. There is a way in which you could easily earn tokens without worrying about in-game performance or anything else.

COD Modern Warfare 2- How to Earn Battle Pass Tokens FAST

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 is underway and we have the first Battle Pass of the game. I had been playing COD MW 2 for a while now and to be honest the game was kind of getting repetitive.

The only fun factor was unlocking different camos. The Multiplayer is extremely competitive and casual gamers might find it extremely difficult to experiment with different builds and weapons.

However, with the new Battle Pass that we have, it seems like the excitement is back again. There are new maps like the Shoot House, which is a 24/7 map. You can play on this map throughout the day. There are new weapons to be unlocked and some pretty good blueprints as well.

People who bought the Vault Edition will already have some tokens and the Battle Pass already. However, if you do not have the vault edition, you would have to separately buy the Season Pass.

Best Way to Earn Token XP Quickly in COD MW 2:

The Battle Pass this year is designed very differently. It is no longer as linear as it used to be. Instead, we have a Battle Pass map where we can select rewards according to a specific path. In order to do that you would need Battle Pass Tokens.

You must be wondering about the best way to level up your Battle Pass or rather earn Token XP would be to perform better in the game and get as much in-game XP as possible.

This is a common mistake that COD players make every year. In-game XP and Battle Pass XP are not the same things. So if you use double XP tokens it would not do you any good if your main intention is to level up the Battle Pass.

So, after hours and hours of grinding, I finally found out the way in which you could get a lot of Token XP in a short time. I played all the game modes and let me tell you that the Hardpoint and Domination modes are the ones you need to stay away from.

You need to find a mode that ends quickly. The fastest game mode would be the Free-For-All mode. It ends quickly and gives you more Token XP than Domination, Hardpoint, or any other game mode which takes a lot of time to end.

Also, avoid the new Shoot House map. The reason is simple if you end up playing a Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed, it is fine. However, if you start playing Hardpoint, it would take 15-20 minutes. So what you can do is quit the moment you get Domination or Hardpoint and play the other ones that end quickly.

You can also try out the Battle Pass XP tokens which help you level your Battle Pass faster.

There is no extra Battle Pass XP for using new weapons, or leveling up weapons, or getting kill streaks.

There you go, that is all you need to know about how you could easily level up your Battle Pass and get Tokens faster in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more COD MW 2 (2022) guides.

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