Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Perks to Unlock Early On in the Game | Build Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 is an Action RPG which lets you build your character depending on your game style. But there are some basic Perks which you need early on irrespective of your playstyle. So if you are confused on which perks to unlock first , then you have come to the right place .

Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Perks to Unlock Early On in the Game | Build Guide

Every time you level up you get an Attribute point and a Perk point. These are the best early Perks that you can use :

Body :

If you want a character who is physically dominant making it easier for you to survive in combat. Body also has further categories :

 Athletics :

  • Pack Mule : Increase your carrying capacity by 60. The first perk you need to get is this one. The more items you carry the more money you can earn by selling them.
  • Regeneration : Health Slowly regenerates during combat .
  • Epimorphosis : Regenerates up to 70% of max health outside combat. Allows you to automatically get a good portion of your health back when you are not in combat.

Annihilation :

  • Hail of Bullets : Shotguns and Light Machine Guns deals 3% more damage
  • Dead Center : Increases Damage to Torsos by 10%

Street Brawler :

  • Rush : Successful attacks with Blunt Weapons regenerate 3% health over 2 seconds
  • Flurry: Increases Damage from combo attacks with Blunt Weapons by 30%

Reflexes :

Basically deals with Assault Rifles , Handguns and Blades :

Assault :

  • Bullet Jock : Increases damage with Rifles and Sub Machine Guns by 3%
  • Bullseye : Increases damage by Rifles and Sub Machine Guns while aiming by 10%. SO if you aim down sights you deal more damage . Very important perk .
  • Executioner :  Deal 25% more damage with Rifles and Sub Machine Guns to enemies whose health is above 50% .  Allows you to quickly kill enemies.

Handguns :

  • High Noon : Increases Crit Chance with Pistols and Revolvers by 8% .
  • Desperado : Increases damage with pistols and revolver by 8%
  • Rio Bravo : Increases Headshot damage multipliers with Pistols and Revolvers by 20%
  • Long Shot Drop Pop : Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies 5+ meter away by 15%

Blade :

  • Sting Like a Bee : Increases Attack Speed with Blades by 10%
  • Slow and Steady : Armor is increase by 15% while moving
  • Flight of the Sparrow : Reduces Stamina Cost of all attacks with Blades by 30%

Technical Ability :

Deals with crafting and engineering. We wont be spending too many points here early on. But for now you can try these out :

Crafting :

  • True Craftsman : Allows you Craft Rare Items . You can sell  these for more money

Engineering :

  • Mech Looter : When looting drones , mechs and robots there is a 25% chance of looting a weapon , mod or attachment.
  • Can’t Touch This : Grants immunity to all effects from your own grenades.

Intelligence :

Deals with Breach Protocol and Quick Hacking . If you want to hack a lot in the game then you can use these skills to start with :

Breach Protocol :

  • Big Sleep : Unlocks the Big Sleep Daemon which disables all camera in the network for 3 min
  • Advanced Datamine : Upgrades the Datamine Daemon, increasing the amount of eurodollars acquired from Access Points by 50%

Quick Hacking :

  • I Spy : Reveals the enemy netrunner when they’re attempting to hack you .

Cool :

Deals with Steath and Cold Blood for stealth based gameplay . You can try these from here :

Stealth :

  • Silent and Deadly : Increases the damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking . Just put a suppressor on a gun and you can deal 25% more damage.
  • Strike from the Shadows : Increases you Crit Chance y 15% while sneaking . More chances of critical hit when taking out enemies from behind.
  • Assassin : Deal 15% more damage to human enemies .

Cold Blood :

  • Cold Blood : After Defeating an enemy go in Cold Blood for 10 secs. and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 times
  • Defense Clotting : Increases Armor by 10% per stack of Cold Blood. This works along with Cold Blood making you very strong defensively
  • Rapid Bloodflow : Increases Health regen inside and outside combat by 50% per stack of Cold Blood

There you go, these are the best perks you can use early on in the game. Further build would depend on your game style. For example unlock more skills under Cool too play a more stealth base game. Similarly unlock more skills under Body and Reflexes to get more health and weapon damage if you prefer a head on combat. Enjoy the game .



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