Diablo 4 Season 1 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List(1.1.1)

Patch 1.1.1 came as a blessing for most dedicated Diablo 4 users. We can easily call it a patch for damage control as classes like the Sorcerer and Barbarians receive a good number of buffs.

Along with that, we have a buff to Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide density. Now you will be coming across a lot more enemies than usual. We did get an overall XP nerf back in patch 1.1.0 and this change really makes up for it.

End-game dungeon grind had always been based on the ones packed with enemies and Elites. With the new patch, almost every NM will now have tons of Elites.

However, there will still be some Dungeons that will be more dense than the others. Farming these would eventually give you a lot more XP. Add your monster XP gain with the Smouldering Ashes and an Elixir and we are looking at dungeons that you easily give a Paragon point in no time.

In this guide today, we will be talking about the best Dungeons that you can farm at the moment in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List(1.1.1)

A highly dense dungeon might be useful for leveling up your character but at the same time, it would become useless without proper item drops.

A Nightmare Dungeons Tier List is designed keeping in mind the XP you gain for both your Glyphs and your Character and as well as the quality of loot you can get from enemies.

Here is a Season 1 Nightmare Dungeons Tierlist:

S Sarat’s Lair, Mercy’s Reach, Dead Man’s Dredge
A Nostrava, Tomb of Saints, Kombor Temple, Pallid Delve Hoarfrost Demise
B Arkhan’s Grasp, Charnel House, Immortal Emenation, Ancient Reservoir, Kor Valar Ramparts, Stockades, Mariner’s Refuge, Garan Hold
C Twisted Hollow, Shifting City, Domhainne Tunnel, Iron Hold, Collapsed Vault, Betrayer’s Row, Faceless Shrine, Lost Keep
D Heretics Asylum, Path of the Blind, Forgotten Ruins, Bastion of Faith, Halls of the Damned


These are the Dungeons in decreasing order of their XP gain and loot quality. I ran a couple of rounds of Mercy’s Reach and managed to get 2 uniques for my Rogue. Sarat’s Lair has spiders who give you the maximum amount of XP.

It is not like you are guaranteed a unique every time you do the S-tier ones. Just that they are more dense and packed with Elites, which gives you an increased chance of getting better loot.

That is the Diablo 4 Season 1 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List for you. You now have a better idea of which Sigils you should be Salvaging in the game at the moment. Try to focus more on the ones in the S and A tiers.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Diablo 4.


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