EA Sports FC24-BEST 352 (3-5-2) Formation Custom Tactics

If you playing down the flanks then the 352 is perhaps the best formation for you. This might seem to be a very offensive formation with only 3 defenders, but trust me it is more defensive than you think.

Here is a guide that will help you with the best and meta Custom Tactics for the 3-5-2 formation in EA Sports FC24.

EA Sports FC24-BEST 352 (3-5-2) Formation Custom Tactics

The 352 is generally considered one of the most attacking formations in the game. Especially due to the fact that there won’t be many players staying back in defense while you build your attack.

However, with the right set of tactics, you could easily make this formation defensively strong. The best thing about this formation is the fact that you can have unmarked wingers who would always pose a threat to the opponent’s defense.

  • 3-5-2 is about the pressure. The more pressure we put on the opponent the less we have to defend. Therefore 70 for pressure with a 42 width is fine for defense.
  • As far as the Defensive style goes, Balanced works best because it helps your players retain their stamina.
  • Balanced and Direct Passing has been the best combination for over a year now. Especially with this formation.
  • A width of 58 is fine since we do not want our team to spread out so much.

Player Instructions for the 3-5-2 formation:

Without the correct set of tactics, you would concede a lot of goals. This formation leaves a lot of gaps in the defense.

  • Back 3 on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • More defensive CDM on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.
  • More Attacking CDM on all Balanced Instructions.
  • LM and RM on Come Back on Defense and Stay Wide. They basically act as your fullbacks in the game.
  • CAM on all Balanced instructions.
  • Both Strikers on Get In Behind.

The main focus would be to spot the overlapping runs of your Left and Right Midfielders. They would normally drop down to defend, but the moment you win the ball back they would start running forward.

Your job is to hold the ball until you see one of them make an overlapping run. Then you lob the ball to him. The Stay Wide instruction on them is to basically catch the opponent’s fullbacks off-guard. If your opponent is playing a low-width defense, he will get exploited by the runs your Side Midfielders will make all the time. And if their fullbacks try to mark your wingers, the back line will become wider and easier to break through from the center.

Understanding when and how to use your Left and Right Mids is the key to winning with this formation. They are your trump cards so play them wisely.

There you go, that is all on “EA Sports FC24-BEST 352 (3-5-2) Formation Custom Tactics

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